The Property Management Authority®


How We Further Separate Ourselves (Our Programs)


We offer our RENT4U® package where property owners can take advantage of Nexus’ leasing experts, apart from managing the properties. Again, an opportunity for you to improve your bottom line by adding value to the client. History also shows that many owners who ask us to find tenants for them through Rent4U® eventually sign on to full management services after getting to know us.



Nexus franchisees can also take advantage of our Nvest® program, where we use our real estate expertise to find properties for investors to buy. We advise throughout this process and then we place tenants and manage the property for our clients. If ever there was a win for all parties involved, this is it. Clients put their trust in our good name and much like one would when investing in retirement funds, they sit back and allow us to make their investment work for them. This program is a source of great pride and it is central to our ability to treat our clients as more than just property owners looking for a hand with management. As previously stated, we do not just substitute here at Nexus, we thrive on adding value for all parties involved.


Tenant Guarantee Programs™

Nexus’ Tenant Guarantee Programs™ speak to the confidence that we have in our ability to screen and place tenants for our owners. We offer two different warranties on tenants that we place. Our first warranty is lifetime eviction protection. If a tenant we place has to be evicted at anytime, for any reason, we will waive the next tenant placement fee. Our second warranty is our 90-day tenancy guarantee. If a tenant we place vacates the property within 90 days for any reason, we offer the next tenant placement for free. Our guarantee programs are just another reason it’s a no brainer for clients to choose the Nexus Leasing Department!

tenant guarantee

Nexus Back Office™

back officeIn addition to proprietary software used for communication and electronic payments, Nexus has created our very own easy to use back office software for record keeping, payroll, billing, and other administrative tasks. We look forward to continued developments of systems like Nexus Back Office™ that will make tasks easier and more efficient for our franchisees.







Nexus Feedback

It was fast and easy and Gregory Rice helped me through the way and signed the next day! Thank you, now my family and I get to move next month! Hassle free and fast service what more can you ask for, best combination.

05 May 2016

I am a new employee and I can say that the management is down to earth and easy to talk to. I applaud the owner Nick, Greg. Ken, Seth, Chad and my work buddy Keith. All of you contribute to make this company the best it can be.

29 Nov 2018

I have constantly heard so many things about 'The Other Guys' who constantly make it difficult, timely, and hop jumping to get an apartment... Not Nexus!!!, Mik, the Leasing Director was prompt, polite, and took the ample time with me and my wife. He and his team constantly made best attempt to resolve the very minor issues, in less than a few hours after noting.... The Portal is easy and convient, it's allows for multiple payment options, and it couldnt have been any simpler... the office is absolutely "chic modernized" and it feels warm and inviting, yet bold and intense, and overall the property is exactly as the YouTube video discussed.I'm Proud to be a Nexus Tenant!

05 Jul 2018