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Tenant Estoppel Agreement

Are you selling your house and need to provide estoppel sheets to the buyer? Forget about subscribing to MLS or giving your realtor another chore to do because Nexus is now providing our estoppel letter tool at no cost to you. Use it as many times as you want! The estoppel tool will enable you to convey all pertinent information on a neat + clean PDF document. When you have printed them out you can even have the tenant sign it in person. Talk about professional and efficient!


The following adult RESIDENT(S) (18 years or older) currently reside in said property, and are responsible for rent payments:


*In the event online payments are accepted the OWNER agrees to inform RESIDENT(S) of this ability.


Signing this form confirms that the information above is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.


Fill out below fields if RESIDENT(S) receive any housing/voucher assistance:

Any Housing Assistance:

Below type the name of the tenants and the sellers. You can take their signature after generating pdf in a hard copy.

This estoppel agreement is provided by Nexus Property Management®, LLC as a free tool.

Nexus Feedback

I've been working for an IT service company for 8 years. So it's safe for me to say I have a bit understanding of customer frustration when looking for a trusted service provider who follows through with their commitments and is able to deliver the ultimate customer experience. I came across Nexus on Angies' List when searching for help to manage a single family property. And I would say it's a great pleasure to work with them. My experience has been excellent from start. I had the chances to work with Nick, Greg, and Dan. I was impressed with how well they paid attention to details and how promptly they addressed any concerns that arose, in addition to their professionalism and friendliness. I couldn't resist complimenting Nexus on effectively utilizing technology to interact with customers and communicate up-to-date information. The customer portal is well laid out and easy to use. I'm looking forward to successful business with them.

22 Aug 2014

My experience with Mikalai at Nexus was exceptional. His communication was prompt, open, honest, and very professional. I was looking to move into a property as soon as possible and he went out of his way to make that happen. Not only that, but he made sure that all of my concerns were addressed and needs were met in the process. Thank you so much again for your assistance. I wish you continued success moving forward.

17 Jun 2019

A big thank you to Tom M. for replacing our problematic 60 year old toilet with a brand new push button unit in record time. Hopefully no more clogs in my future.

30 May 2021

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