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Marketing and Advertising

marketingA large contributor to our rapid success is our approach to marketing and advertising. We pride ourselves on finding potential owners and tenants where they are with a specific strategy that we look forward to sharing with our franchisees. Where many competitors may lean toward what has worked traditionally, we consistently analyze which avenues and platforms are best for this business. Our ability to outperform all property management companies in our active regions speaks to these successes.


Nexus Feedback

19 Mar 2019

They were very polite and they helped me a lot I recommend them 100% they are the best

19 Sep 2020

Greg from Nexus was great. Very professional, things were always fixed in a timely fashion and the property was constantly being upgraded. From lights in the hallways to new parking spots. The yard was always maintained and the trash was always picked up. I would certainly live in another apartment that Nexus managed!

06 Jan 2017