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changeThere’s no better time to invest in a Nexus Property Management® franchise than right now! With low start up costs and the support that comes with being part of the Nexus team, we look forward to changing the face of the property management business together. In a “renter nation” where property acquisition is more difficult than in years past, Nexus’ goal is not just to successfully manage rental properties, but ultimately to revolutionize the entire property management industry.  Whether our clients are novice single family home owners or seasoned real estate investors, they can count on Nexus for worry-free management of their properties and a solution-focused approach aimed at maximizing the value of their assets.



There are two attractive sides to the current real estate story and both point toward its being an optimal arena for profit and a worthwhile experience. On the one hand, more and more professionals are getting into real estate. Many successful people see property ownership as an attractive second or third career. Many Americans have been affected by the recent economic downturn and may be exploring real estate as they may have been laid off, retired early, or are simply looking for more flexibility and earning potential. Combine historically low mortgage rates with the reliability of the housing market and it’s obvious why so many Americans are buying up property.

The second piece of this puzzle revolves around many of the same variables, but instead we focus on the increased demand for tenancy as home ownership becomes harder and harder for younger people buried with college debt or those who look to urban areas to capitalize on high tech industries and financial and medical services. As millennials come of age, home ownership rates have dropped to about 63% and unemployment and underemployment have decreased the stability that would typically be needed for a mortgage. Luckily there are more and more rental opportunities thanks to the growth in ownership mentioned above. In both cases, on the ownership side and the tenancy side, the rental property market is exploding!

solutionFor these reasons, effective property management has never been in higher demand and has never had a larger platform for success. At Nexus, we pride ourselves on finding solutions to obstacles so that all parties involved benefit. We are excited to expand our expertise to a region near you!




By purchasing a Nexus Property Management® franchise you can take advantage of this booming market by joining us as we redefine property management. You will receive guidance and support throughout the franchising process, including on location training and our online educational platform. You will have access to our personnel for questions, ongoing training and support by phone, intranet portal, and email during regular business hours. We will continually consult with and advise franchisees regarding operations, supplies and products, marketing and advertising, and we will provide a dedicated phone line to all franchisees to answer any questions that should arise.

profitProperty management is not a new vocation, but the Nexus Property Management® model approaches management in a revolutionary way. Where property management is commonly seen as a supplemental service for those who choose to take advantage of it, it is our goal to create an atmosphere where management becomes the norm for all rental property. Instead of simply focusing on collecting rents, fixing railings and toilets, or placing tenants, at Nexus our mission is to create value for all parties, owners and tenants alike. We treat all properties like an investment and we strive to turn an over-burdened holder of a rental property into an empowered real estate investor.

Query FormBefore showing a tenant a rental unit, we ensure that they view our virtual tour and photos, make a list of questions they may have, and that they go see the area adjacent to the property. We want them to get to know the neighborhood; to make sure they’re aware that they may be near a school, or possibly a 24 hour gas station. In essence, we want them to do their “homework” before they make a major life decision. In much the same way, we encourage you to read through the remainder of our site by following the links to the right or at the bottom of each page. If at the end of your “homework” you have interest or further questions, please fill out the Franchise Consultant form in the bottom right corner of any page. It is an exciting time to work in real estate and we at Nexus appreciate the opportunity to bring our Nexus Property Management® franchise to other regions so we can continue to revolutionize the management of rental properties across the U.S.