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Our Story


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educationThe story of Nexus’ beginning is not typical, but it illustrates how this is not your run-of- the-mill, “been done before” type of company. Well before CEO and founder Nicholas D’Agnillo had built a franchise that came to lead all property management companies in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, he was busy getting a multi-faceted education. While attending Bryant University and pursuing degrees in Finance and Psychology, Nick paid the bills by dealing blackjack at a casino one state over. It was at this time that he also invested in his first rental property. Curiosity, setting, and drive then led to the pursuit of poker and after graduating from Bryant University, Nick dedicated the next three years of his life to perfecting his poker skills and increasing his real estate holdings, unaware at that time that the two would come together in the near future.

After several years of relying on poker and his properties for income, Nick was ready to put his degree to use. Knowledge and experience as a property owner, a background in business administration, and an innate ability to apply statistical probability and analysis to scenarios in an instant, were the perfect combination for creating what became Nexus Property Management®. Our consistency, efficiency, and focus on the best possible solution for any situation that may arise, all stem from Nick’s “education”. Much like in the game of poker, we are dedicated to the action that will yield the best results as often as possible. We have developed a series of best practices that are unrivaled in their It took us just three years to outgrow all property management companies in our area, including long-franchised competitors. Based on Nick’s unique approach to business, our superb track record, and the scalability of our practices, we at Nexus are extremely optimistic about the future.

suit guyThis optimism stems directly from the success that we’ve had in our first location. While still fine-tuning policy and best practices, Nexus managed 160 units in our first year, after just 11 months of operations. We added 301 more units in the following two years and crossed the 500 unit plateau just 3 1⁄2 years after opening our doors. Success and growth of this magnitude can be attributed to our adherence to time-tested best practices, consistent reliability, and policy born out of Nick's analytical approach. We don't treat property management like the other guys because we're not the other guys. Instead of following what the rest of the industry does, Nexus Property Management® is always focused on the best possible play. That solution focused approach and desire to change the game will help us continue to expand throughout the country.