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We at Nexus Property Management are excited by the prospect of seeing our model spread across the country. Our time tested best practices and solution focused approach to all facets of the business have allowed for rapid growth already. With a system that benefits tenants, owners, and members of the Nexus team alike, the Nexus Property Management model will continue to expand. If you’re interested in more information or have any further questions, please fill out the Franchise Consultant form in the bottom right corner of any of these pages. We will respond within 24 hours.

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Nexus Feedback

Bill Norris answered all our service requests in a prompt, professional manner. He is a very respectful gentleman and gets right to work every time. Not only do we look forward to having our things fixed because we know they are in good hands, we also look forward to Bill's polite and insightful conversation. He is exceptionally thorough with his work and before leaving asks if there is anything else he can do to ensure everything is taken care of. Thanks again, Bill!

01 Feb 2016

Very Satisfied with the service both Gregory and Nicholas provided to my fiancé and myself. We were a little worried being it the first time wed move out together, but with the help of Nexus Property management the whole experience was smooth and worry free. Had a small bathroom Fawcett leak when we moved in, but it was taking care of within 15 minutes of us contacting Nexus Maintenance Request. Very friendly and caring people, Definitely worthy of the best rating.

21 Sep 2014