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What Makes Us Different


If you’re doing your homework and looking at other property management franchise websites, you’re sure to find the same old reasons to get involved in this business-- notably:

  1. Low risk because people still need a place to live during a recession and you’re guaranteed income every month regardless of the economy.
  2. You’ll still have time to do what you like with your life and can even start planning for retirement.

If this is all that you’re looking for, DO NOT BUY a Nexus Franchise. Do NOT BUY a franchise at all. We’d advise that you simply invest your money in a couple properties yourself because owning real estate will provide the same perks that those other property management companies advertise. If those are the main advantages of owning one of their franchises, what are they really doing other than standing in for property owners? What value is being added? How will that translate to growth for your time and investment?

What separates Nexus from the competition is the fact that we are not just looking to substitute the property owners by doing the tasks they’d prefer not to. We add value where many others do not and cannot. Like other companies aim to, we use advanced technology to increase efficiency. We’ll provide comprehensive training and support throughout our relationship and we will model that relationship we have with you as a franchisee to reflect the relationships we expect you to have with your property owning clients. We will coordinate sales, marketing, and advertising so that you can best manage your time and abilities.

But on top of all of this, we will provide unique opportunities to take your franchise beyond the typical to put more money in your pocket. For one, we can provide training and support for an in-house maintenance program if you wish to create one, where most property managers simply coordinate outsourced maintenance for their clients, thus missing out on huge opportunities to save and add value.

Similarly, we typically target areas with multi-unit homes where property management is in highest demand. Revisit the competition and you’ll note that most prefer to manage single family homes, where they are content making a couple bucks using their methods of owner substitution. Many times these single family homes are short term or temporary: with owners who may be underwater, unable to sell, holding estates, or have moved to a second home.

It is clear that the objectives of our competition are not the same as ours. Nexus’ business model adds value for investors who invest in single families, multi units and large apartment buildings or developments. We provide cost saving strategies that allow our clients to benefit and grow their property portfolios, while we provide multiple streams of revenue from all the the issues/maintenance/headaches and problems that need to be solved along the way.

Additionally, we offer our Rent4U® and NVest® services. These two successful programs help increase the value-added gulf between Nexus and our competition. The NVest® program has been a remarkable vehicle of growth for the portfolios of our clients and ultimately for Nexus' growth as a leader in property management innovation. These are just two examples of how we separate ourselves from other property management companies.

Nexus Feedback

This is from a vendor's perspective, since I do the programming for Nexus' back office service invoice system. This means having the team members write up invoices online for what they do for Nexus' customers (Landlords) and how the team members get paid and how the customers are billed. In working for Nick and Greg for several years, I am impressed by their ability to formulate their requirements clearly, and also, since I constantly review how my stuff is working and therefore read tons of detailed invoices, how straightforward their communication with their customers is. As I said once in an email to them, I like working for these guys, and for their team members.

17 Jun 2020

<span class='lemon--span__373c0__3997G' lang='en'>Boy, can these guys manage property! <br><br>They have an online system for maintenance requests at 11:50am I put in a request and at Noon Mike and Todd were walking in my apartment to fix my fridge which had been leaking on the ground. While they were here they fixed my toilet which went wonky that morning, the shower that had a loose handle, the dishwasher that was also leaking, and the garbage disposal which was clogged. The best part about all of this, they noticed the dishwasher and the garbage disposal and just fixed it, all the while saying 'May as well do it while we are here.' Both Mike and Todd were very nice and checked everything twice over. I am very glad that we have a great time of maintenance guys to call next time something happens with our kitchen appliances or anything for that matter!</span>

11 Dec 2014