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Tenant Screening Rhode Island

     Here at Nexus Property Management™ we pride ourselves on placing quality tenants in all our properties. Our rigorous 6 point background investigation gives our property owners the best chance of filling vacant properties with the right type of tenants. The most vital stage of the tenant screening process is to find out who the applicant is, where they’ve been, what they do and where they are likely headed. During our background investigation phase the following 6 areas will be closely examined in order to provide our owners with as much information as possible in order to evaluate each application.

    • This component examines the tenant’s current and past residences. The current landlord will receive a call from our leasing division to inquire about the current tenancy and to discover if there has been any notable issues (Nonpayment, damages, etc). Most landlords are very open during this conversation and will explain if they are a desirable/undesirable tenant. In addition, their prior landlord will also be contacted in order to hopefully establish a positive trend in tenancy.

    • Is the prospective tenant lying about who they are? NO CHANCE! Our software matches up social security numbers, license numbers, addresses, last names, dates of birth, license plate numbers, etc. to make sure everything listed is correctly related. If a person tries to enter false information the system will notify us and the tenant will be immediately screened out.

    • Our leasing division will contact current employment supervisors, obtain scanned copies of paystubs, and also require employment verification letters as well (if necessary). The most important part of renting is finding out whether or not they are likely to pay. Our standard guideline is that tenants collectively earn 3X (or more) the rent amount in monthly income in order to be considered.

    • During our screening we obtain records from all current creditors and uncover the prospective tenant’s current indebtedness (if any). Our software obtains all amounts owed and lists all creditor's names. In addition, bankruptcies and foreclosures will also appear in full detail.

    • Evictions are an immediate red flag, and typically if they appear on a prospective tenant’s record it is not recommended to approve their application. Some extenuating circumstances can apply, but generally this is an automatic disqualification. An example of an exception was a gentleman who had cancer and did not have health insurance. He fell deep into his medical bills and was unable to pay his rent during that period of time.

  • CRIMINAL CHECK RI eviction service
    • A person’s criminal record says a great deal about their character traits. Generally, our staff will take a look at the severity of the charge to determine whether or not their application can move forward. Simple charges like driving with a suspended license can be overlooked, but evidence of robbery, car theft, assaults, etc. are an immediate red flag.

    • International and Domestic terrorist databases are screened to verify that the prospective tenant is not wanted by any global agency and/or has not been arrested in the past for this type of crime. It is very rare to come across a prospective tenant with a red flag in this area, but we still check each prospective tenant for your safety

Nexus Feedback

Christian was one of the easier guy I had the pleasure of training he really knows his stuff good guy

16 Sep 2020

Because communication and care are the utmost importance while working for or with any customer. Today after the post I made below. Lindsay stepped up to the plate and showed what all great companies show perseverance in a bad situation. I would agree that the owner of the property held the cards and it is a shame how a nice house can be cared for so poorly. That is not the property managers responsibility 100% but the stick that Lindsay exerting her self to do what was right for the tenant and the property. proves she has the two most important assets built in communicates well and she cares! I believe this experience shows Lindsay’s Nexus property management is a force to reckon with and their team will do well as long as Lindsay’s commitment and care are at the helm! Thanks for caring about my family and what I call home! ... As a tenant who signed a lease with this firm. I feel their lack of professionalism and terrible service is a reason not to do business with this firm and the landlords they represent. We have a $3500.00 lease and have been living in the house for 8 months. We have had nothing but problems and when we call we get ignored for weeks then told that it is at the landlords direction and their hands are tied. In the 8 months we have gone with a dishwasher for over 2 months. Today we were called last minute and told the plumber needed to be there in 30 min. Then after the plumber left Lowe’s dropped off the dishwasher now it sits in our kitchen. Property managers statement was sorry my hands are tied. Why sign a lease and treat good paying tenants this way? Peace enjoyment is what we are paying for and this is anything but. A good company would take reasonable care of their tenant and arrange/ manage a simple dishwasher install. I will never engage with this poorly run property management company that points fingers. The owner of the property would have been bettered served not having any representation and at least then we would not be so incovienced and having to deal with utter incompetence and lack of professionalism. The property manager Lindsay said it’s out of her hands and it was the owners wishes that we suffer thru this poorly performed replacement. Hopefully I can prevent others from having this stress in their lives.

20 Jul 2018

I’ve lived in my building for over a year ! The maintenance man Jose is awesome ! Always responds always down to help ! I know that while living here I won’t have to worry about a thing!

07 Nov 2019

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