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SWANSEA Property Management

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SWANSEA , MA Property Management

For many in Southeastern Massachusetts and neighboring areas of Rhode Island, Swansea is seen as a retail town. But at Nexus Property Management®,we see Swansea as a great place to invest in and to provide our superior real estate services. We are a locally owned and operated property management and realty investment company that manages all types of rental property, from single family homes or condos to entire apartment buildings. With almost 16,000 residents and proximity to so many nearby cities, Swansea is an area that Nexus is dedicated to when it comes to connecting property owners and tenants alike, to better living.

From Hortonville, to Barneyville, to Ocean Grove, Nexus provides unrivaled leasing, maintenance, and management services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Nexus is a one stop property manager that can provide pricing well below industry averages due to our efficiency and in-house maintenance and leasing departments. We pride ourselves on transparency, as evidenced by our clearly posted (on-line) prices and superior communication, as well as on our laser-like focus on finding solutions to any and all obstacles and issues that may arise. All members of our team are dedicated to meeting goals that will lead to long term tenancy and improved values of owners’ assets. Nexus also provides investment advice and analysis for all clients. We’ve recently made public our Property Investment Calculator that we use in concert with our Nvest ® buyers’ agency program. These are just some of the many services we offer that help further distance Nexus from our competitors.

There is a reason that Nexus Property Management® is the fastest growing property management company in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island and you are invited to learn more by contacting us. We have worked hard to perfect our practices and we are currently expanding throughout the nation. Let us show you why it is that our services are in such high demand!

Nexus Property Management®

offers property management throughout Rhode Island & Massachusetts with franchise offices in Pawtucket RI & Fall River MA. We are a nationally franchised property management & realty investment company that manages all types of rental property, from single family homes or condos to entire apartment buildings. The Real Estate Investing Authority® 

Our services include Tenant Placement, Rent Collection, Maintenance, Tenant Communication, Online Payments, Marketing and 24 hour service. Nexus also offers investment advice, property analysis, and profit forecasts for those looking to invest in real estate or owners looking to add to their portfolio. Your Property, MANAGED®

Our mission is to provide a good value and a great place to live for our tenants, while creating exceptionally performing assets and increased equity for our clients. This is how Nexus Property Management® is Connecting You To Better Living®.

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