Your Property, MANAGED.®


Here at Nexus Property Management® we provide exceptional maintenance services that include:

RI Property Maintenance

Property evaluations

  • We will photograph and evaluate all properties
  • We will submit a report on the condition, detailing any issues that need to be addressed immediately. Any issues that may come up in the future and suggestions for upgrades that may increase rent and/or lower vacancies

Maintenance Requests

  • We provide multiple ways for tenants to contact us and submit maintenance requests. These requests are reviewed and then a work order is submitted to our in house technicians or to one of the vendors in our network
  • All non emergency work orders over a predetermined price are submited for owner approval before any work is scheduled

Preferred pricing

  • We provide value by lowering repair costs through our inhouse maintenance department and a network of quality vendors who offer preferred pricing.  We are able to offer lower prices because of the efficiency of our systems, experience of our staff and the volume of business we can bring to our vendors.

Nexus Feedback

It’s been a pleasure to work with Lyndsay and Nexus Fall River team! Prompt communication, efficiency and solution based decision are the reasons I recommend Lyndsay and Nexus Fall River for all your property management /real estate investment needs.

23 Jul 2018

Spoke to Christian about my screens being fixed. Came home to see he came by and fixed them without bothering us at all. They look great also.

09 Oct 2020

John and kris did a good job they handled the situation

10 Sep 2020

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