Your Property, MANAGED.®


Here at Nexus Property Management® we provide exceptional maintenance services that include:

RI Property Maintenance

Property evaluations

  • We will photograph and evaluate all properties
  • We will submit a report on the condition, detailing any issues that need to be addressed immediately. Any issues that may come up in the future and suggestions for upgrades that may increase rent and/or lower vacancies

Maintenance Requests

  • We provide multiple ways for tenants to contact us and submit maintenance requests. These requests are reviewed and then a work order is submitted to our in house technicians or to one of the vendors in our network
  • All non emergency work orders over a predetermined price are submited for owner approval before any work is scheduled

Preferred pricing

  • We provide value by lowering repair costs through our inhouse maintenance department and a network of quality vendors who offer preferred pricing.  We are able to offer lower prices because of the efficiency of our systems, experience of our staff and the volume of business we can bring to our vendors.

Nexus Feedback

Just want to say my aunt in one of the nexus properties. And I want to say what a great staff they have specially Jose that is always on point and help my aunt with groceries. Thank you very much Jose.

30 Aug 2020

I want to let you know how wonderful a maintenance guy is that came to my rescue last Thursday on Jan 18, 2018.<br><br>Chad A. He's kind of my hero. He was insanely professional, efficient, kind, and he fixed my issue tirelessly. My heat went out due to a water heater or something breaking in my basement and not only did he have to dig through that hot mess but it was freezing outside and he didn't leave until it was done.<br><br>I am so grateful for him. He is an asset to your company and you're lucky to have him.<br><br>Thank you Chad!</span>

24 Jan 2018

Thank you John

17 Nov 2020

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