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NEW BEDFORD Property Management


NEW BEDFORD , MA Property Management

Nexus Property Management® is the fastest growing real estate company in Southeastern Massachusetts as well as in Rhode Island, and we proudly offer our superior property management services right here in New Bedford. With a population of almost 100,000, New Bedford is an ideal city for Nexus’ management model for single homes, condos, and multi-family apartments. We look forward to providing high quality places to live for the cities’ residents while we work hard to increase the value of our investors’ properties to connect all parties to better living.

Nexus offers highly efficient leasing and maintenance services 24 hours a day. Our management is always solution focused and we strive to improve our clients’ assets while providing a comfortable place to live for our tenants. The leasing department utilizes time tested best practices to match the right tenant with the right unit and all placements are backed by two separate guarantees. Our maintenance department is prompt in responsiveness and because they are an in-house department, we can offer prices on general maintenance that are much lower than competitors who typically rely on more costly third party vendors. Our management is highly effective due to a focus on long term results that are aided by technology that makes communication and online payment as easy as can be. To further separate us from our competition, Nexus offers our Nvest® services to clients who are serious about increasing their real estate portfolios. With Nvest® we will find, analyze, and purchase investment properties that are likely to bring additional profit to our property owners.

At Nexus Property Management®, we pride ourselves on being solution focused and connecting our owners and tenants to better living. Our cutting edge techniques and strategies have allowed us to grow at an unparallelled rate and we are excited to offer our services throughout New Bedford and the neighboring area. We are well on our way to becoming a nationally recognized leader in real estate, but we are especially passionate about the revitalization of New England’s industrial age cities as best evidenced by our work in nearby Pawtucket, Providence, and Fall River. There are thousands of hard working people in and around New Bedford that deserve a top notch apartment or home and through Nexus’ dedication to property owners we ensure that all parties involved benefit and enjoy a hassle free experience. Contact us to find out more about how you can benefit from our experience tested best practices that have come to lead all property managers in the area.

Nexus Property Management®

offers property management throughout Rhode Island & Massachusetts with franchise offices in Pawtucket RI & Fall River MA. We are a nationally franchised property management & realty investment company that manages all types of rental property, from single family homes or condos to entire apartment buildings. The Real Estate Investing Authority® 

Our services include Tenant Placement, Rent Collection, Maintenance, Tenant Communication, Online Payments, Marketing and 24 hour service. Nexus also offers investment advice, property analysis, and profit forecasts for those looking to invest in real estate or owners looking to add to their portfolio. Your Property, MANAGED®

Our mission is to provide a good value and a great place to live for our tenants, while creating exceptionally performing assets and increased equity for our clients. This is how Nexus Property Management® is Connecting You To Better Living®.

Nexus Feedback

I want to let you know how wonderful a maintenance guy is that came to my rescue last Thursday on Jan 18, 2018.<br><br>Chad A. He's kind of my hero. He was insanely professional, efficient, kind, and he fixed my issue tirelessly. My heat went out due to a water heater or something breaking in my basement and not only did he have to dig through that hot mess but it was freezing outside and he didn't leave until it was done.<br><br>I am so grateful for him. He is an asset to your company and you're lucky to have him.<br><br>Thank you Chad!</span>

24 Jan 2018

19 Dec 2019

John came out and fixed our toilet within 20 minutes....nice and professional...great job!!

18 Aug 2021

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