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      Thank you for your interest in Nexus Property Management®. We are a company created for the real estate owner and investor by a real estate owner and investor. We understand what property owners want in a manager.

     When searching for the right management company there are many variables and costs to keep in mind. Many property owners look for the lowest management fee, which can be difficult to do because most property management companies don’t publish their prices like we do here at Nexus Property Management®. Some companies will tell you they charge a low percentage of the rent each month but then they sneak in and charge garbage fees like lease renewal fees, or vacancy fees. Some companies actually charge you when your property is empty or to place a tenant after an eviction. Others charge high 10% gouging “administrative fees” that they tack on to any bill payment made for their clients. You wont find any of those practices here at Nexus.

The Way Property Management Should Be

Here at Nexus Property Management®, our rates and fees are published for all to see on our Pricing page. We have no hidden fees or fine print to worry about. For our basic Service we charge only two fees, a monthly % of collected rent and a tenant placement or RErental fee when a vacant unit is filled. That’s it! We don’t charge lease renewal fees, vacancy fees, advertising fees or any other hidden fee. We have 90 day guarantees on our tenant placement service and eviction protection. If a tenant we place for any reason leaves within 90 days or at any point is evicted, we will RErent the unit for FREE. We stand by our Tenant Screening Service. The property owner and property manager relationship should be a partnership. Because of this we don’t believe in charging tenant placement fees after an eviction, charging vacant unit fees, or keeping late fees. We will only benefit when our clients benefit. That’s the way it should be. So that's how it is with Nexus Property Management®.

Watch the video below for a more in depth look at the benefits of professional property management

Nexus Feedback

I put in an order on wed morning, John came out within a few hours and fixed our problem, the service was top notch and John was very professional and a super nice guy!

14 Jul 2021

John came out fix the spindle on the shower it's no longer leaking and he's going to take a picture of the door and so we can get that fixed and he did the concrete on the steps downstairs so that when the guy comes it'll be all set he's a great guy thank you

26 Jul 2021

This review is on my maintenance man Jose. I have lived in apartments since I was on my own since the age of 18 and had previous landlords and maintenance men and Jose is the best my family has ever had. Since day one of meeting him if ANYTHING goes wrong he is immediately right there to help. I have waited in the past with previous residences for stuff to get fixed so much that I just became quiet and never asked because I felt I was bothering them. But with Jose I feel so comfortable and know it does not bother him at all. Your company is VERY LUCKY to have him and its also a god send that he lives right next door to me. This move was the best move my family ever made with your Realtor Company and especially with having him. Thank you, Denise Somers 260 Bradford Ave, Apt 2

25 Aug 2020

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