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Nexus Property Management® provides clear cut costs right on the website and has no secret charges or unplanned fees. Our competitors do not publish their prices on their webpages or advertising. What does it say to you when the cost of doing business is a secret? Here at Nexus there is no mystery to what we charge, only a guarantee that each and every owner will receive identical, noteworthy treatment.

Nexus Property Management® is proud to offer a pricing schedule that is affordable and can accommodate any level of property ownership; from a single family to a group of apartment complexes. Our efficiency through technology allows us to do so while still preserving our paramount services. Unlike our competitors, we do not nickel and dime homeowners for items such as an “account setup fee”, “lease renewal fee”, or “administrative fee”. If your current manager needs to charge you to walk in the door then it is time for you to join the Nexus Family. If they affix fees for pressing “print” or stapling a few pages together then it is evident they do not deserve your business. 

Management fees: are based on a sliding scale determined by the rent amount for a single family residence, townhome, or condominium. The management fees for 2 or more units are determined by the total number of units.

  • Single Family/Townhome/Condominium
    • Monthly rent ≤ $850 = 10% of rent collected
    • Monthly rent between $851- $1200 = 9% of rent collected
    • Monthly rent ≥ $1201 = 8% of rent collected
    • If one owner places multiple single family homes under our management they will receive multifamily pricing. Total number of homes will determine management fee.
  • Multi-Unit/Apartment Complex
    • ≤ 6 units  - 8% of collected rent
    • 7 - 35 units - 7% of collected rent
    • ≥ 36 units - 6% of collected rent
  • RErental Service: is 50% of 1st month’s rent or $450 whichever is greater. Once an OWNER approved tenant is placed.
    • If a tenant we place for any reason leaves the unit in the first 90 days we will market your property and place a new tenant for free!
      • We Do Not charge a “set up fee”
      • We Do Not keep late charges
      • We Do Not charge “lease renewal fees” 
    • Nexus Property Management® only benefits when our clients benefit (tenant and owners alike!). We believe each and every client belongs to our team. Accordingly, our relationship is mutually beneficial when properties are performing exceptionally! If they are not up to speed, we will offer you the recommendation and services to get them back on track! Nexus Property Management® will provide you the service to bring the cost of property management to ZERO, by  raising income, improving equity, and giving you back the free time you want! 


Nexus Feedback

Because communication and care are the utmost importance while working for or with any customer. Today after the post I made below. Lindsay stepped up to the plate and showed what all great companies show perseverance in a bad situation. I would agree that the owner of the property held the cards and it is a shame how a nice house can be cared for so poorly. That is not the property managers responsibility 100% but the stick that Lindsay exerting her self to do what was right for the tenant and the property. proves she has the two most important assets built in communicates well and she cares! I believe this experience shows Lindsay’s Nexus property management is a force to reckon with and their team will do well as long as Lindsay’s commitment and care are at the helm! Thanks for caring about my family and what I call home! ... As a tenant who signed a lease with this firm. I feel their lack of professionalism and terrible service is a reason not to do business with this firm and the landlords they represent. We have a $3500.00 lease and have been living in the house for 8 months. We have had nothing but problems and when we call we get ignored for weeks then told that it is at the landlords direction and their hands are tied. In the 8 months we have gone with a dishwasher for over 2 months. Today we were called last minute and told the plumber needed to be there in 30 min. Then after the plumber left Lowe’s dropped off the dishwasher now it sits in our kitchen. Property managers statement was sorry my hands are tied. Why sign a lease and treat good paying tenants this way? Peace enjoyment is what we are paying for and this is anything but. A good company would take reasonable care of their tenant and arrange/ manage a simple dishwasher install. I will never engage with this poorly run property management company that points fingers. The owner of the property would have been bettered served not having any representation and at least then we would not be so incovienced and having to deal with utter incompetence and lack of professionalism. The property manager Lindsay said it’s out of her hands and it was the owners wishes that we suffer thru this poorly performed replacement. Hopefully I can prevent others from having this stress in their lives.

20 Jul 2018

John came out and fixed our toilet within 20 minutes....nice and professional...great job!!

18 Aug 2021

Don't pay for another

28 Sep 2020
Response from the owner:

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