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NATICK , MA Property Management

Nexus Property Management® manages over 1000 units in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, and those numbers are only going to grow now that we offer our services in Natick and the MetroWest area. Natick is one of the fastest growing towns in the Boston area. Massachusetts’ center of population, Natick is home to almost 35,000 people with over 13,000 households. Just 10 miles west of Boston, Natick’s two commuter rail stations make it an ideal home for young professionals. It’s a great place to live and a great place to invest in real estate. Whether you’re in Natick Center, in and around Route 9, or you’re one of the many commuters along Route 135, Nexus is dedicated to connecting you to better living.

Nexus has expanded into Natick after years of success in Rhode Island and Fall River. We are happy to offer our 24 hour a day services at all of our locations. Nexus proudly provides unrivaled property management for our clients across our leasing, maintenance, and management divisions. Our superior use of technology for everything from communication to online payments make owning property and renting Nexus managed units as easy as can be. We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing, our dedication to efficiency, and laser-like focus on finding solutions to clients’ problems.

While most property managers hire costly third party vendors, Nexus separates itself from the competition thanks to an in-house maintenance department that allows us to offer general maintenance services for well below industry averages. With two unique tenant placement guarantees, our leasing department is also second to none. Nexus further outperforms local competitors by offering buyer’s agency services. With our highly touted Nvest® program, we use our property analysis acumen to find and purchase investment properties for clients who are looking to add to and maximize their real estate portfolios.

Due to Nexus’ success and consistency in adding value to owners’ assets, we are well on our way to becoming a nationally recognized leader in property management and real estate investment. Through Nexus’ dedication to property owners and tenants alike, we ensure that all parties involved are connected to better living. Contact us to find out more about how you can benefit from our service and best practices that have come to lead all property managers in the area.

Nexus Property Management®

offers property management throughout Rhode Island & Massachusetts with franchise offices in Pawtucket RI & Fall River MA. We are a nationally franchised property management & realty investment company that manages all types of rental property, from single family homes or condos to entire apartment buildings. The Real Estate Investing Authority® 

Our services include Tenant Placement, Rent Collection, Maintenance, Tenant Communication, Online Payments, Marketing and 24 hour service. Nexus also offers investment advice, property analysis, and profit forecasts for those looking to invest in real estate or owners looking to add to their portfolio. Your Property, MANAGED®

Our mission is to provide a good value and a great place to live for our tenants, while creating exceptionally performing assets and increased equity for our clients. This is how Nexus Property Management® is Connecting You To Better Living®.

Nexus Feedback

Nexus Property Management is one of the best management companies we have had the pleasure of doing evictions for. We are RI State Constable Service one of the biggest constable services in RI and we highly recommend you let them manage your property. They do an excellent job and we are happy to be associated with them going on close to 4 years now. Most management companies try to tell us how to do our job this is one of a very few companies that understand we all have a job to do and we know they are experts in theirs and they respect our instructions from the court and usually with them evictions flow easily as they set the ground work properly and protect the landlords quickly and move fast to get your property rented. They return calls, texts, and emails quickly and respond even when most companies would not. They also have e-payments set up with their vendors and their tenants which makes it easy to get paid for you and for us. We have met most of the staff of the company and they are all very respectful and professional and care about your needs as a landlord. If you would require further reference please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions. We have over 100 landlords/management companies that we provide our service for and they are among the TOP Mike and Deb Clemente RI State Constable Service

23 Nov 2015

Had a great experience with Tom Morris who initially came out on a Sunday to troubleshoot a problem with our heating system. Tom was able to identify the issue as a faulty circulator and came back the very next morning to replace that for us. Tom was very professional and friendly in getting this issue resolved for us and patient in helping us better understand how our heating system works and how to maintain it. Thanks Tom for your friendly and helpful service.

20 May 2019

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