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Would you like hassle free monthly rental income without the annoyances of daily property management? Nexus Property Management Nvest® is your solution! Nexus Property Management® brings years of expertise and data from our current inventory to offer the most efficient, advantageous buyer agency service. Since Nexus Property Management® is only dedicated to rental property (We don’t do sales, REOs, etc.) our experience gives us the ability to provide accomplished wisdom into every component of investment realty; from the purchase(s) to ongoing management. The Nvest® service equips the investor with real time market information along with seasoned advice to offer the maximum probability of real estate prosperity. Nexus Property Management® specializes with investment realty and property management ONLY. Unlike our competitors that handle rentals, sales, condo associations, REOs, and a myriad of other disturbances that contribute to their inefficiencies and service dilution, Nexus Property Management® specifically targets realty investment and property management in order to further cohere our brand as the trade leader. Nexus Property Management® offers the investor with an exclusive opportunity to conduct business in a closed loop with one company from purchase to ongoing management. This provides the investor the capability to secure larger returns than many conventional investment offerings without the shackles of managing property themselves.


Nvest® - Real Estate Buyer Representative Services For Natick Massachusetts

                                                                               Nexus Real Estate Buyer Agents

  • Initial Consultation:
  • Nexus will survey your current holdings and offer our recommended approach and probable investment actions.
  • Property Search and Analysis:
  • Nexus will locate investment options that suit your capabilities/criteria along with offering a detailed analysis, fiscal modeling, and ROI forecasting using our current data for comparable properties.
  • Viewings:
  • Collaborate with seller’s agent(s) and seller to coordinate showings. Nexus will also have your Nvest® Agent present for all viewings and property inspections.
  • Submitting Offer(s):
  • Nexus will advise, review, generate, and facilitate offer(s).
  • Contracts:
  • Nexus will furnish and analyze any contracts needed while working to ensure our client’s best interests are safeguarded.


All these services are at NO COST to our clients! Nexus™ Nvest® agents will be compensated by the property owners listing agent.

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Nexus Feedback

I was looking into leasing property 279 Ware St, Mansfield MA. It seems like a beautiful property from the photos and videos. When inquiring about the property, I was contacted immediately by Mikalai. He asked all the typical questions for rental properties but he seemed too direct/aggressive through text so I requested a phone call to see if the tone would change. I did ask if the owner was interested in a rent to own contract, but he stated that it was too premature to discuss that. I understood what he was saying but when I asked if we could make sure we talk with the owner, our conversation got aggressive. I’m not sure how this management company works, but I’ve always spoken directly with the owners for long term leases to make sure we understand expectations from both parties. I was completely turned off by my interaction with Mikalai and it’s a shame because we were very excited about this possible rental.

24 Feb 2021
Response from the owner:

Hello Ariel, and thank you for your honest feedback. As I mentioned during our conversation, the right candidates will absolutely be able to talk to the owner directly but only after completing certain steps in an application process. Thank you

Tom Gannon handled an emergency electrical issue that involved the Cranston FD and National Grid at my rental property. Tom was able to coordinate a repair and inspection that had power restored to the building within a few hours. Highly recommend.

21 Oct 2021

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