Nexus Feedback

I have been an employee of Nexus for approximately 6 years. I have seen the inner workings and surprisingly so haven't all our clients. This is a company like no other. All pricing and fee's are laid on the table in plain sight. Maintenance response is top notch. Any emergency call that may come in the tenant or owner will get a contact with in 20 minutes. Very professional and polite staff I work with.

14 Aug 2019

I'm not the nicest guy, but i have so many nice things to say about Nexus. They started in a shoebox office in Pawtucket and have since grown to 4 locations in just 7 years. The proof is in the pudding. NICE job!!!

20 Sep 2020

Hello. I do not rent from Nexus but live next door to a building they manage. I recently had wrist surgery and (David I think his name was) saw I just came back with groceries. He brought them to my apartment for me. Very polite and professional. Great representation of your company. Thank you. Julie Freidus

05 Oct 2021