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Nexus Property Management® has established itself as the leader in Property Management in Southern New England and while beginning to expand its franchise concept nationwide, the company has highlighted Worcester, Massachusetts as an ideal location for the next Nexus™ Franchise.  The “Heart of the Commonwealth” is a perfect match for the Nexus™ model that has excelled in and around comparable areas like Pawtucket, RI and Fall River, MA.  These old mill cities have some of the highest population densities in the country with infrastructure dominated by multi-family units.  Recent demographic and economic trends have also led to a revitalization of these former mill cities along with increased investment in community building projects.  The abundance of multi-family properties creates a demand for skilled property management that only Nexus can fill.  A Nexus Property Management® franchise located in Worcester could create an immediate opportunity for real estate investors.




Proven Business Model.


Nexus Property Management® is a one stop residential and commercial property manager and realty investment company that manages all types of properties including single family homes, multi-family homes, large apartment complexes, and condominiums.  The Nexus model was created and fine-tuned to create the greatest value for owners and tenants alike.  Nexus dedicates itself to increasing returns for investors through superior efficiency and the use of a solution focused approach with  in-house leasing and maintenance departments.  This time-tested approach can be applied to all types of property successfully, but the greatest vehicle for improving investors’ portfolios lies in multi-unit buildings.  Multi-family homes typically provide the greatest opportunities to add value for property owners and similarly these areas are in the greatest need of property management.  They are also highly abundant in Worcester, Massachusetts.




Worcester Has More Than Twice The Number Of Rental Units As Other Successful Franchise Offices!


The Nexus Property Management® Franchise model works best in densely populated areas and the Nexus™ Nvest® real estate investor agent service excels in potentially undervalued areas. This franchise model is ideal for Worcester and its roughly 43,000 rental units*.  For the sake of comparison, Pawtucket, which houses Nexus’ first and most successful location, is home to just over 18,000 rental units.  Nexus Fall River, which is outperforming expected growth rates, operates in a city with about 28,000 rental units.  Worcester is not only ideal in its infrastructure and density, but its size could facilitate more and more profitability for the opportune franchisee.  Additionally, Worcester is a city on the move as evidenced through downtown investments over the last 8 years.


Worcester, like many New England cities that were once manufacturing hubs, is currently investing in downtown revitalization.  The Downtown Urban Revitalization Plan has been a great success and its boundaries are being expanded in the hopes of attracting the Pawtucket Red Sox baseball team.  Worcester’s CitySquare project has generated $298 million in private development on the back of 90 million public dollars.  The reinvention of the downtown area has added more housing units and a hotel, increased area for healthcare facilities, and importantly, has presented to the public that Worcester is proud of its past but dedicated to its future.  This atmosphere makes adding a Nexus franchise even more logical.  While the city is dedicated to major improvements to the downtown area, Nexus’ model helps develop and add value to peripheral housing for the city’s residents and property owners.  As much as a shiny new hotel or baseball stadium can be eye-pleasing, it’s the hard work of a dedicated property management company that connects the city to better living. 


Great Time To Start


When the first Nexus location began over 5 years ago in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the economic and political situations were almost identical.  Highlighted by downtown investment, bike trail expansion, a new train station, and a plan for a new home for the Boston Red Sox triple-A affiliate, Pawtucket was a city on the rise with big plans and Nexus thrived in that environment. 


Worcester, like Pawtucket, is in the same stages of reinventing itself.  While the two cities may engage in a political fight over the Pawtucket Red Sox baseball team where only one city can win, both cities deserve and need a Nexus Property Management® franchise.  The time is right and Worcester is the ideal location for the next Nexus™ franchise.



Low Start Up Costs - Huge Potential


A Nexus Property Management® franchise is a great investment for many reasons.  The model is built for efficient scalability via low startup costs and minimal overhead. These factors decrease potential hardships, and enable franchisees to grow their business at their own pace.  In addition to unrivaled leasing, maintenance, and management services, Nexus also separates itself from the competition through unique services like their Nvest® buyers’ agency program and Rent4U® tenant placement services.  Franchisees will benefit from professional training and support along with exclusive use of Nexus’ educational platform, proprietary and privately labeled software, lifelong SEO/Adwords campaigning, social media management, and industry-leading advertising strategies.  To find out more, visit or call at 888-NEXUS-55.



Mick Lefort is the Vice President of Operations for Nexus Property Management®. A National Property Management Franchise that manages all types of rental property from single family homes or condos to large apartment buildings and complexes.


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*Number derived from US Census data (Housing Units April 10, 2010 / Owner-occupied housing rate percentage 2012-2016 inverse)



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