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Nexus Property Management™ Massachusetts Offices & Franchise Opportunities



Nexus Property Management™ has been a residential and commercial leader in property management since 2015.  With its headquarters in Pawtucket, RI, and franchise offices in Fall River and Worcester, Nexus has solidified itself as the Property Management Authority®️ in Southern and Central New England.  With over 1000 units under management, Nexus continues to grow thanks to superior efficiency across our leasing, maintenance, and management divisions.  In-house maintenance allows us to provide more for far less while many of our competitors rely on the higher prices that come with hiring third party vendors.  Nexus also attracts real estate investors through its Nvest® program, which includes property analysis, profit forecasting, and buyer’s agency for those looking to add to their portfolios.


With two locations strategically located in hub cities with convenient and efficient interstate infrastructure, Nexus offices in Massachusetts can cover an area of about half a million residents.  We take pride in joining revitalization efforts of cities that were once the leaders of this country’s industrial revolution.  Today, the infrastructure left behind by factories, mills, and the residences constructed to work in them, create great investment opportunities if you’ve got an experienced property manager in your corner.


Continue on to the Fall River  or Worcester home pages to find out more about real estate opportunities with Nexus Property Management™  in Central and Southeastern Massachusetts.


Nexus Property Management Franchise Opportunity Steps


Nexus Feedback

25 Aug 2020

08 Nov 2016

Nexxus is great with us. The calls are answered and Tom Morris always gets in touch with us to touch base about whatever the situation is. He's always pleasant and knows exactly what needs to be done. He is quick to answer and fix the problem in a timely manner the same day. Which is great because it's usually an emergency. Tom M. let's me know what the problem is and what he has to do to fix it. Which I appreciate greatly. Always happy to have him work out the problem.

15 Dec 2019