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Nexus Property Management™ Massachusetts Offices & Franchise Opportunities

Nexus Property Management™ is excited to announce our further expansion into Massachusetts as we proudly unveil Property Management MA.  Since opening our doors just over five years ago, Nexus has grown to dominate the property management market in Rhode Island.  Thanks to our efficiency and dedication to adding-value for our clients and tenants, we were already managing 160 units by the end of year one.  It took less than 3 ½ years before we were successfully managing over 500 units in RI and Southeastern Massachusetts.  We grew up quickly and we are now a veteran company that outperforms all other property management companies, including other franchises, within our territories.  With a full arsenal of experience and best practices that have been fine tuned along the way, Nexus and Property Management MA look forward to expanding throughout the Bay State.


Nexus Property Management™ is a complete, closed loop property management company that handles all leasing, management, and most maintenance from within.  All three branches of our company complement one another so that successes in one area lead to more opportunities in others while simultaneously working to keep value up and prices down for our clients.  In an effort to minimize costs and wasted time, clients and employees utilize the latest in technology from reporting and scheduling maintenance work orders online, communicating via an online portal, creating and viewing Youtube videos of vacant units, to paying rent and other fees online.


Our Leasing Services include:

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Coordinating Showings

  • Tenant Applicant Screenings

  • Credit and Background Checks


    We also offer our leasing and real estate expertise through our Rent4U® and Nvest® programs.  Through Rent4U®, Nexus will skillfully screen and place tenants for clients who decide they don’t want full property management services.  Nvest® is an exclusive program where we help locate profitable properties and act as buyers’ agents for clients who wish to maximize their investment returns and increase their real estate portfolios.


Our Management Services include:

  • Rent collection and notices

  • Tenant communication and conflict resolution

  • Owner reports and records

  • Eviction services, including legal representation


    We take great pride in the solution focused best practices that we’ve developed and employed throughout our rapid growth.  Through the use of technology and a dedication to what is best for our clients, we will continue to improve our efficiency to ensure seamless growth as Nexus and Property Management MA expand throughout the state.  We will take care of all management needs so that owners can relax knowing that their investments are in good hands.  It is our policy to over-communicate when necessary in an effort to solidify a relationship based on trust and understanding of priorities.


Our Maintenance Services include:

  • 24/7 Emergency line

  • In-House Maintenance Department

  • Online Service Requests and Approvals

  • Monthly Exterior Inspections and Reports

  • Unit Turnover Focused on Added Value


    Maintenance services offered will vary from franchise to franchise depending on several variables.  The advantage of in-house maintenance is that clients can be assured of lowest possible pricing, but even if Nexus management outsources general maintenance needs you can expect professional, expert service that is dedicated to connecting owners and tenants alike to better living.  



Property Management MA is the result of and extension of the success that Nexus Property Management™ has enjoyed in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.  Our carefully developed property management model works well in all settings, but it can lead to the greatest returns in urban areas such as Springfield, Worcester, Fall River, New Bedford, Brockton, or highly populated areas in and around Boston such as Quincy, Cambridge, or Lowell.  While many property management companies prefer to cater to safe and easy single-family homes, we are happy to service these clients as well, but we prefer to get our hands dirty with multi-family homes that you’d commonly find in these more urban areas.  Tenant placement, unit improvement, and property maintenance as a whole can be much more challenging in areas where there is commonly more tenant turnover; but there is also a greater need for quality property management in these areas...and that’s where we come in!!!  We are attracted to opportunities to provide solutions for owners and tenants wherever they may be.  This basic blueprint is one that will help Nexus come to revolutionize property management in Massachusetts just as we have in Rhode Island.

According to U.S. Census data, about 9% of homes in the U.S. are 2-4 family units.  The state with the highest percentage is none other than our homes state of Rhode Island with over 25% of all homes fitting that criteria.*  It is no coincidence that our model has been so successful and our growth has been so rapid in the Ocean State.  According to the same census data, 23% of homes in Massachusetts are 2-4 family units.  That ranks second in the nation!  The conclusion here is a simple one: Property Management MA can expect success and Nexus Property Management™ will continue to expand throughout Southeastern New England.

All Nexus Property Management™ franchises are solution focused above all else.  We strive to add value to our clients’ properties and investments while catering to the needs of tenants as well.  Happy tenants are paying tenants and paying tenants help owners avoid one of their largest costs: unit turnover and/or eviction.  This leads to consistent income for our clients.  They then invest in more units which leads to more opportunities for Nexus to find solutions to obstacles that may arise.  In the end, we add value to the lives of owners, tenants, and even Nexus employees.  

For more information regarding Nexus Property Management™ or a Nexus franchise be sure to visit  Whether you’re a potential client looking to invest with the best property management company in your area, a tenant looking for a quality place to live, or a potential franchisee, we hope that you’ll take the time to further explore what Nexus has to offer.  We take great pride in our company and its dedication to our clients.  We look forward to our expansion into Massachusetts through Property Management MA and we look forward to working with you.


* Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division:  Last Revised: October 31, 2011