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Meet Many Of The Rhode Island Real Estate Network Professionals. First 30 Episodes: Rhode Island Business Spotlight

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Rhode Island Business Spotlight


The old saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. At Nexus Property Management® we know that both are extremely important. For that reason, Vice President Greg Rice has been sitting down with the real estate leaders in and around the Ocean State to showcase some of the area’s great talents and resources while providing knowhow for all things real estate, home ownership, and property management in Southern New England.


When it comes to choosing a real estate professional to work with different people have different criteria and strategies. With real estate being so prominent and competitive in the state, a seemingly simple Google search could very likely lead to more questions than answers. As The Property Management Authority®, we wanted to share some of the names and faces that we’ve come to admire and respect over the years. With well over 1000 units under management and over 7 years in the business locally, Nexus has seen it all and has partnered with countless real estate agents, contractors, lawyers, insurers, and financiers. The experts below are individuals and companies we’ve come to trust and we invite you to begin your search with them:





When it comes to finding the right agent it is well worth doing your homework. What we see way too often is someone settling for a relative of a friend or some relationship where the buyer didn’t actively seek out and vet the agent who is helping them make one of the biggest decisions in their life. Greg sat down with 9 local agents. What better opportunity to better get to know a real estate agent than having access to an up close and personal interview?


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Whether you’re an experienced property owner or just getting into real estate, having a lawyer, or lawyers, you can trust is essential. From liability, to evictions, to contracts and leases, and even the removal of tenants from property, there are several people in the state that simply do it better than others. Again, it cannot be overstated how important it is to form relationships with legal professionals who have experience with real estate. Here are our favorites:






There is certainly some overlap here with the legal experts section. More specifically, the attorneys listed here specialize in closing sales. We’ve also included financiers that we’ve found to be reliable. And finally, all the time and effort you put into your real estate is at significant risk if you don’t find yourself a reliable insurer.






At Nexus, we take great pride in having our own in-house 24/7 maintenance teams. This allows us to come in much lower than industry averages each and every time. But to maintain the efficiency that has helped us become the top rated property manager in Southern New England, we do not do large, time-consuming projects. Over the years, we have worked with and come to count on several local companies:






From day one, Nexus has maintained a focus on long term results for ourselves and our clients alike. We work tirelessly to perfect our brand and for that reason we’ve been hesitant (over the years) to endorse third parties. We took the view that we couldn’t guarantee the work of someone who was not us and so we preferred to keep our name off of and away from those that were not part of the Nexus family. But as we grew, we came to realize that as the top-rated property manager in the area, we had the opportunity and experience to help build up those who are doing it the right way. Ultimately, our goal is to improve the quality of living for all, and by identifying those who share the principles we think are essential to success so others can benefit from their efforts and expertise, we are happy to return to a mantra we were built upon: Connecting You To Better Living ®.


Mick Lefort is the Vice President of Operations for Nexus Property Management®. A National Property Management Franchise that manages all types of rental property from single family homes or condos to large apartment buildings and complexes.


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