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Another Nexus Property Management® Franchise Expands In New England.

Third Nexus Office Reaches Triple Digits:

Nexus Worcester Reaches 100 Units!

Nexus Property Management® Worcester MA Office


Success has come to another Nexus franchise in New England. Like it’s neighbors in Pawtucket, RI, and Fall River, MA, the Nexus Property Management® Worcester office can now boast about managing over 100 commercial and residential rental units. Opening their doors in August, 2020, just a couple months before COVID-19 threw a major wrench and uncertainty into the real estate world, the Worcester team, under GM and Owner, Jesse Mayo, managed to reach this major benchmark in less than 16 months!


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With an additional New England office in Natick, MA, these four locations manage over 1100 units combined. With that responsibility and experience comes unrivaled best practices that have been the hallmark of Nexus’ success and growth. For over a decade, Nexus Property Management® has been leading the industry in services and value creation and with a dedicated professional like Jesse at the helm, it’s no wonder the Worcester branch has taken off.  When asked about this progress, Nexus’ Vice President of Franchise Sales, Greg Rice, predicts that in time the Worcester location will be even larger and more successful than our flagship office in Pawtucket. We’re already seeing that the Worcester office has rents up to 40% higher than our Rhode Island office. To see such promise and confidence speaks to Jesse’s team and to the structure of the Nexus franchise model.


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Nexus franchises have had great success since the company began franchising in 2017. The general Nexus property management model revolves around closed loop systems and the creation of win-win outcomes and relationships. For example, for our company to do well, our clients (property owners) have to be happy, and for clients to be happy they need tenants to pay rent regularly without major hassles. To reach that outcome, naturally, tenants need to be happy as well. By gearing our services to all parties involved and creating quality living conditions for tenants, we more or less oil/lubricate these relationships and decrease friction wherever possible. Superior technology, proprietary at that, helps in this area by encouraging online payment and use of a 24/7 online portal that our in-house maintenance and leasing teams respond to in real time. We hang our hats on our efficiency and solution focused approach and the growth referenced above speaks to our ability to consistently deliver.


Our franchisee training centers on key company principles and values and encourages contributions and feedback from franchisees once they’re out on their own.  We offer professionals wishing to capitalize on the abundance of opportunity that exists in the real estate investment world guidance, know-how, and support as we work together to maximize investors’ portfolios while adding value to the lives of tenants throughout our territories. We’re excited about the interest we continue to receive and we look forward to meeting and working with the next Jesse Mayo (or mustard).


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When asked, Worcester GM Jesse Mayo spoke of plans for continued growth. The Worcester housing market includes almost 75,000 homes in the city alone, including 43,000 rental units. Despite Nexus’ rapid growth and success in the area, there is still a lot more room and demand for high-quality property management. Of note, the Worcester office also services nearby towns within a 30 minute radius: Auburn, Grafton, Holden, Leicester, Milbury, Shrewsbury, Sutton, and West Boylston. The Pawtucket and Fall River offices both reached 300 units about two years after opening their doors. There’s no doubt Worcester will be knocking on that door sooner than later.


In the short term, Jesse’s searching for the right location to purchase a mixed-use building for a Nexus office and several Nexus managed apartments.  Much like Nexus’ headquarters in Pawtucket, the Worcester location is looking at ways to have an even greater positive impact on the community around it.


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Nexus Property Management®’s four locations continue to grow throughout New England. Our model has proven successful and interested potential franchisees from across the country continue to contact us.  We vet interested parties, their plans, and their preferred locations very carefully to ensure we’re setting our future partners up for success. Just like our property management model, our focus is on creating win-win relationships that will then facilitate profits and value for all parties. Contact our franchise team directly to learn more or to inquire about franchise opportunities in your areaLearn more here and fill out the Franchise Consultant information on the right to expedite the process. And as always, you can reach out to Nexus with any other questions or advice regarding property management and real estate investment.


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Mick Lefort is the Vice President of Operations for Nexus Property Management®. A National Property Management Franchise that manages all types of rental property from single family homes or condos to large apartment buildings and complexes.


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Thanks to Leo I'm in my new place and loving it he was helpful every step of the way and answered any questions I had I recommend this agency to anyone looking for a place just wen I was ready to give up I found them thanks a lot keep up the good work

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