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YOUR PROPERTY, MANAGED®️: Episode 3 - Joshua Chopy

YOUR PROPERTY, MANAGED®️: Episode 3 with Joshua Chopy from Chopy Media LLC


Nexus Property Management®️ is proud to share its third episode of Your Property, MANAGED®️, a long-form video interview series with some of the biggest players in New England Real Estate.  Hosted by Nexus General Manager and jack-of-all-trades, Greg Rice, this week’s discussion was a fun one with Joshua Chopy of Chopy Media LLC.  Josh was personally chosen at the conclusion of last week’s interview by John Lapointe of Lapointe Insurance.  Josh’s personal story is a great one and it reminds us of the opportunities that exist throughout the real estate industry, even if you’re not expecting them.




Josh is a 2018 graduate of Coventry High School who is now a student at New England Tech pursuing a degree in Digital Media Production.  As a young person enamoured with technology, Josh created his own Tech Review YouTube Channel in 2014 where he’s amazingly garnered as many as 37,000 views on some of his videos.  Since 2017, he’s established his chops as a guy who knows his stuff and he’s had a solid national following online.  He’s highly proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro and would be happy to show you around the entire Adobe Suite...Now, if you’re reading this and picturing a kid hanging out 24/7 in his basement surrounded by monitors and speakers, you’re getting the wrong image.  Josh is also an Eagle Scout and speaks proudly with Greg about his community project and the skill sets he picked up along that rigorous journey.  For context, since 1911, only around 2.5 million Americans have reached this rare achievement.  “Being resourceful, utilizing the tools you have in front of you, and making something of it” are all advantages that Chopy learned as a Scout that he applies to his work at Chopy Media LLC as a photographer and videographer; a very unique combination of skills to say the least.


On top of that, Josh also credits part-time jobs with helping him learn best practices in successfully working with people.  Dave’s Marketplace’s “customer service skills are on point”.  While working as a cashier there, and later at a local ice cream parlor, Josh had some early training in quickly reading peoples’ temperament and expectations.  Although he’s too young to have voted in the last national election, Chopy’s got a wealth of skills and experience that would take many of us twice as long to amass.



As noted previously, Chopy was taking classes at New England Tech and has been doing so since last November.  But come March, schools across the country shut down due to the pandemic and Josh was forced to hit the pause button on his formal education.  While out of the classroom, it did afford him the time and opportunity to continue with his hobby, which has evolved a bit from tech review to the video production that went with it, to ultimately photography and videography.  In an origin story that sounds a lot like that of so many who have gone on to make it big, Josh’s humble beginnings stem from his “liking” a local real estate page on Facebook.  Because he was holding a camera in his Facebook profile picture, they asked if he’d be interested in taking some shots for them...and the rest is history.


Today, Chopy Media is looking to expand to try to keep up with demand...which simply validates the quality of his work.  At this point, Josh is booking two weeks out and shooting around 25 houses a week!  Covering services that include basic interior and exterior shots and video to Matterport 3D floor plans, Chopy Media is “running 100 miles an hour” and thrilled to be part of the process for buyers and sellers alike.  In the conversation with Greg, Josh talks about how “teamwork makes the dream work” and how it really means a lot to be applying his talents to the real estate marketplace, especially at a time when face to face and in person visits are harder than ever.  Getting the photos right has never been more important, and Chopy Media is in high demand for good reason.


Josh Chopy of Chopy Media



At the beginning of the year, Josh set an ambitious goal to photograph 150 listings in 2020.  By August 1, with a quarter of the calendar year remaining, he’s already at 193.  This kid has all the tools and personality and he’s working his butt off.  He’s going to go as far as he can scale for and he’s made a lot of friends already that he made a point to thank while chatting with Greg.  From that first realtor, who gave him a chance: “I didn't have a body of work so for them to take a chance on me means a lot”;  to Emilio Dispirito of the DiSpirito Team for “(taking) a chance on me” and continuing to trust me with countless listings; to HomeSmart’s Dean deTonnancourtThe most successful realtors in Rhode Island trust Chopy Media with their real estate photos and we at Nexus are excited to see what the future holds for Josh. 


If you’re interested in learning more or in contacting Josh directly, he is always active on Facebook and can be reached (call or text) at 401-426-7853.  You can also visit Chopy Media’s contact page.




On Episode 4 of  Your Property, MANAGED®️, Greg sits down with Josh’s choice: Mike Harrison of Williams & Stuart Real Estate.  



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