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Pawtucket Rhode Island Birth Place Of Nexus Property Management

Where is Pawtucket, What Was Pawtucket and Why Is A Property Management Franchise Headquartered There?


Pawtucket, Rhode Island is quietly sitting in one of the furthest corners of the United States while harboring some of the world’s most valuable history! Many people do not realize that Pawtucket was home to the American version of the industrial revolution! That’s right! In the late 1700’s this area was home to manufacturers of all types; including guns, oils, ship building, and even cannons! But, in 1793 Samuel Slater built the ‘Slater Mill’ along the banks of the Blackstone River. This became the first fully mechanized cotton spinning mill in the United States. It still stands to this day and is operating as a museum with frequent tours



For the rest of the 18th, 19th, and early parts of the 20th century Pawtucket became a prominent mill town with well over 200 breathtaking brick + granite buildings that were used mainly for textile productions. It evolved into a fully functioning city with theaters, taverns, hotels, and notable architecture still on display today. During the Great Depression, however, many northern mill owners began to move their operations down South and overseas because of the cheaper operating costs. By the time World War II hit the costs were insurmountable, and now, all the labor was out serving the country in battle.


Main Street Pawtucket RI


Today, Pawtucket is a shell of what it once was unfortunately. There are many vacant buildings that are in disrepair, crime is normal, and there is poverty throughout. On the upside, the city has seen a great resurgence with old mill buildings being renovated and customized into luxury loft style living. This is exactly what Nexus Property Management is doing. We have purchased the former H.M. Arnold Horse Livery Building located smack dab in Downtown. With over 60,000 sq/ft of usable space, we are converting the building into our national headquarters, conference center, indoor parking, and 30 luxury loft apartments


Feldman Furniture Building Becomes Nexus Property Management HQ



The reason Nexus Property Management chose Pawtucket for it’s headquarters is because the city, and the surrounding area, embody the spirit and nature of our business. Nexus thrives in areas that need attention, have dense housing availability, and are privy to homeowners and investors alike. There is nothing glitzy and glamorous about it, but we are proud to be doing our part in the Pawtucket + Rhode Island Renaissance!


Our business of property management began because our founder and CEO, Nick D’Agnillo, was managing his own rental property and wanted to provide that service to other property owners who simply didn’t want to manage their units, or simply didn’t have the time. The former mill boom created dense housing in a small area overall. Areas like Pawtucket, Providence, Woonsocket, East Providence, and Central Falls were all thriving mill cities at one point, and their tenement buildings still remain, but in need of management + repair. That is exactly what Nick set out to do. Nexus has accomplished just that. In just 5 short years we control a large portion of the market share, and ranked #1 in reviews on multiple search engines.


Fast forward to today, Nexus Property Management has expanded its operations into a former thriving mill/seaport in Massachusetts; Fall River. In addition, we are opening a location on the Florida Panhandle. The Florida office will handle traditional rentals in addition to offering vacation rentals as well. Interest has also been had in areas like Boston, New York, New Haven, Hartford, Worcester, and Los Angeles. These areas are a perfect fit for our services for reasons mentioned above.


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