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Who Is The CEO & Founder of Nexus Property Management?

How Nexus Property Management Started


The story of Nick and Nexus’ beginning is not typical, but it illustrates how this is not your run-of- the-mill, “been done before” type of company.  Well before CEO and founder Nicholas D’Agnillo had built a franchise that came to lead all property management companies in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, he was busy getting a multi-faceted education.  While attending Bryant University and pursuing degrees in Finance and Psychology, Nick paid the bills by dealing blackjack at a casino one state over.  It was at this time that he also invested in his first rental property.  Curiosity, setting, and drive then led to the pursuit of poker and after graduating from Bryant, Nick dedicated the next three years of his life to perfecting his poker skills and increasing his real estate holdings, unaware at that time that the two would come together in the near future.


Simply Idea Set In Motion


The logo that you see today is actually a rendering of the Providence, RI city skyline. The original idea for this logo came after Nick was waiting for the next hand of poker to be dealt. On a small cocktail napkin Nick sketched out a very rough draft of what he envisioned.


Nexus Property Management Logo Draft


Then, after meeting with his graphic design team Nick polished up the final version that we all know and love to this day. Most people have no idea about this, so consider the secret unleashed!




Betting On Real Estate. 


After several years of relying on poker and his properties for income, Nick was ready to put his degree to use.  Knowledge and experience as a property owner, a background in business administration, and an innate ability to apply statistical probability and analysis to scenarios in an instant, were the perfect combination for creating what became Nexus Property Management®.  Our consistency, efficiency, and focus on the best possible solution for any situation that may arise, all stem from Nick’s “education”.  Much like in the game of poker, we are dedicated to the action that will yield the best results as often as possible.  We have developed a series of best practices that are unrivaled in their efficiency.  It took us just three years to outgrow all property management companies in our area, including long-franchised competitors.  Based on Nick’s unique approach to business, our superb track record, and the scalability of our practices, we at Nexus are extremely optimistic about the future.


Solution Focus


This optimism stems directly from the success that we’ve had in our first location.  While still fine-tuning policy and best practices, Nexus managed 160 units in our first year, after just 11 months of operations. We added 301 more units in the following two years and crossed the 500 unit plateau just 3 1⁄2 years after opening our doors.  Success and growth of this magnitude can be attributed to our adherence to time-tested best practices, consistent reliability, and policy born out of Nick's analytical approach.  We don't treat property management like the other guys because we're not the other guys.  Instead of following what the rest of the industry does, Nexus Property Management® is always focused on the best possible play.  That solution focused approach and desire to change the game will help us continue to expand throughout the country.


Birth Of A Franchise


Now that we are franchising we are revisiting our history to ensure that our policies and procedures are applicable for franchisees that are starting out just like we were 5 years ago.  Today, Nexus Property Management® in Pawtucket, RI manages over  600 units with a full team of 18 employees that includes a full maintenance team that responds to work orders, 24/7 emergencies, and performs rent ready services to vacated units.  We are housed in a 60,000 square foot warehouse building in the Downtown Historic Pawtucket District that our owner, President and CEO, Nicks D’Agnillo owns and continues to renovate and utilize as the company continues to grow.  What was once the center of horse-drawn transportation in the country’s first industrial city has now become Nexus Franchise LLC headquarters...but in the beginning, before all this growth and success... there was just Nick renting a 300 square foot office.  


Nexus Property Management First Office and National Headquarters



Lean Business Model Set Up For Efficient Scalability


The beauty of our model is that you don’t need any fancy degrees, accolades, or certifications to get started. Nexus is willing and able to work with all walks of life to help you achieve your business successes. Our first franchisee, Lyndsey Pachon, came to us with no real estate related experience, but rather an accomplished teaching background. No matter what profession you are coming from you can certainly pull from those experiences in one way or another to assist you with this new endeavor.


Nexus Fall River MA Office


Low Start Up -> Huge Potential = Perfect Opportunity!


When you become a franchisee our training will be geared toward franchisees that are starting out on their own. We pride ourselves on the scalability of our model so that you can grow at your own pace.  The original branch began with just Nick until he was able to hire a maintenance technician.  This led to more growth so that a leasing agent could be hired and more units could be leased and ultimately managed.  From there, the growth continued to go along organically ensuring that we could always live up to the reputation we’d been working to build from day one.  This is how we grew to dominate our territory and this is the same path we will help you pave for yourself. There are MANY territories available at the moment, but don’t blink because in a flash they could be taken. Contact us today to learn how you can get your own protected territory!


Nexus Property Management CEO

Nick D'Agnillo is the CEO & Founder of Nexus Property Management®. A National Property Management Franchise that manages all types of rental property from single family homes or condos to large apartment buildings and complexes.


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Nexus Feedback

12 Mar 2022

Tom Gannon came to my property to fix several issues with lighting and electrical problems. He was very punctual and professional. He had to return several times (because of lack of availability of parts) but always called ahead with plenty of notice and was very professional and personable. Highly recommend him. Pete Zampine

15 Oct 2021

This company is awesome, their properties are clean and well maintained, they are super professional and courteous! I recommend this company if you looking to find a great rental or if you looking to buy an investment property!

21 Apr 2016