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Real estate investors from all over New England have been turning their attention to Fall River, Massachusetts for many reasons. In a sea of multi-family properties professional property management was non-existent (ironically) until Nexus Property Management came on the scene in January of 2018. Filling this gap in the market has not only sent property owners flocking to Nexus in need of management, but it has highlighted what seems to be a symptom of the lack of property management in the area. NVestors® have been buying distressed properties and working with Nexus Property Management to turn these properties into profitable investments within a short time frame.



Fall River Is A City On The Rise.

Fall River might not be glamorous, but the market is stable, and the city is experiencing a revitalization. The property tax structure in Fall River is especially favorable for investors because multifamily properties greater than four units are not subject to a higher tax rate than the smaller properties. All properties that are considered domiciles are taxed at the residential rate ($14.00 per thousand; wow!). When it comes to making the numbers work, the low tax rate is a great help to investors. For example, cities in Rhode Island like Woonsocket and West Warwick have tax rates of $33 and $39 per thousand respectively. Over time, that difference you are experiencing in Fall River can be used to improve the property, or to start saving towards your next purchase.



Nexus™ NVest® Service Finds Profitable Opportunities For Investors And Creates Hassle Free Rental Income.


Working with Nexus to identify the right property is beneficial for owners because our motivation is to facilitate a long-term relationship with our clients. This relationship is much more valuable to us than earning a quick commission (like real estate agents do). We are incentivized to create a profitable situation for our clients because when our clients win, we win. We’re in it together. A real estate agent, contrary to your intuition, is not the best person to help you locate an investment property. Reason being, they are not involved in property management, they don’t deal with tenants, and don’t facilitate maintenance repairs. So, why would you want them to help you start your journey? It’s like going to a salon to get your next military fade haircut. Sure, they can do it, but it’s not their expertise. When you work with Nexus as an NVestor® you are surrounded by experience on all ends. From areas to target, prices to achieve, future rent rates, maintenance expectancies, and more. Your property manager is who will be taking care of the building, so it only makes sense to start the search with them. Right?


Passive Income From Active Real Estate With Expert Management.


One of our recent clients in Fall River has a full-time job on the Cape and couldn’t commit to all the responsibilities of property management. So, he came into the office and explained that he knew real estate was the best investment for him but couldn’t do it efficiently. This was an impressive meeting because he understood that efficiency is the most important part of the business. You could have all the rental property in the world, but if you can’t manage them properly you could end up in a hole quickly. Tenants today expect rapid (instant almost) responses whether it’s regarding rent questions, tenant disputes, maintenance requests, and so on. So, if you are not able (or committed) to giving round the clock customer service it only makes sense that you bring in Nexus to assist you. The cost you pay for a management fee well exceeds the amount you would save doing it yourself. Don’t forget, your time has value!


DIY Property Management Cost Calculator


Though, by law, we can’t promise you a fixed return amount by law, we can tell you that we have FREE tools available to help project what your potential income can be for any specific property. Use our Property Investment ROI Calculator here for any property that you are interested in. Input the information, and then generate your results. This tool will help you figure out what prices, unit counts, and loan details will get you. We encourage our clients not to settle for less than a 20% ROI. Yes, we know this is aggressive, but we know it is possible. We do it all the time.


So, when you go to look at your next property, think about who you’re going to see it with, and better yet, check out the prospective ROI with our free calculator. You will be surprised that by considering these two factors you can change the course of your life to come. Making a poor investment at any stage of your career can only cause you financial pain and anguish. The old saying goes “your first is the worst” when it comes to property purchases. Our motto is “your first is for sure”. Choose Nexus and choose NVest®!


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Gregory Rice is the Vice President of franchise sales for Nexus Property Management™.  

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