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Property Management For MA

Nexus Property Management 

Fall River Massachusetts

BBB Accredited Property Manager Nexus

Franchise provides professional property management for all types of residential property, from single family homes to large apartment buildings or communities. Servicing Fall River Massachusetts, New Bedford,Taunton and surrounding areas. Nexus™ advises and represents investors looking to purchase rental property and offers current owners a complete service that will result in more free time and better returns without the stress. Clients of Nexus Property Management™ enjoy the benefits of professionally screened tenants, low vacancy rates, savings on repairs and the rapid leasing of available properties. Nexus provides hassle free rental income for property owners and exceptional services for our tenants, with proprietary software, experienced staff and polished procedures. Nexus Property Management™ is Connecting You To Better Living.®

Real Estate Investors & Property Owners Contact Us Today!

The Nexus Property Management™ franchise conveniently located on South Main Street in downtown Fall River has been serving “Spindle City” and her neighbors since 2017.  Living up to its reputation as the Property Management Authority®️, Nexus’ offices manage over 1000 units in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  With a combined population of almost 185,000 residents between Fall River and New Bedford alone, this region is bursting with real estate investment opportunities.  Locally owned and operated by the Pachon family, the Fall River office has quickly solidified its reputation as the leading property manager for single family homes, condos, and entire apartment buildings.  Like our branches in Pawtucket and Worcester, we’ve come to specialize in the unique residential and commercial infrastructure that America’s rich industrial past has left behind.  Whether you’re looking to invest in nearby Taunton, Somerset, or Swansea, you can count on Nexus to provide unrivaled leasing, maintenance, and management services that will help add value to your real estate portfolio.


Just over 50 miles south of Boston and about 15 miles southeast of Providence, Fall River offers great opportunities for investors attracted to both capital cities.  For much of its history, Fall River was the leading textile manufacturing center in the U.S. and in recent years it has dedicated itself to revitalization.  Much like the city has done with Heritage State Park, Nexus is facilitating a city-wide improvement of residential areas as more and more property owners take advantage of the services we provide.  The infrastructure of cities and towns built around factories and mills is very similar throughout the region and Nexus has specifically targeted these areas.  While many property managers do their best to avoid urban areas and multi-family homes, Nexus hangs its hat on managing properties that have plenty of room for improvement and growth.  With the advantage of our own in-house maintenance team, we get more done, far quicker, and for much less cost than industry averages.

At Nexus, we aim to add value to owners’ assets.  While many of our competitors are content just collecting rent and fixing a door here and there,  we take pride in creating a better living experience for our tenants while improving the properties of our owners.  This leads to longer tenancy and ultimately more profit and less headaches for our clients.  In short, it’s a win-win-win for all parties.  For those investors looking to add properties to their portfolios, Nexus also provides property analysis, profit forecasts, and buyer’s agency through our Nvest® program.


Nexus Property Management™ is dedicated to connecting our owners and tenants alike to better living.  With our professional guidance, Nexus’ clients and the tenants we place for them will learn firsthand why Nexus Property Management™ is the fastest growing property manager in Southeastern Massachusetts.  Contact us today for more information.

Nexus Feedback

John was very helpful he fixed my bathroom sick quick and fast very nice guy

13 Aug 2020

John did a great job working on my bathroom sink today.. thank you john

27 Aug 2020

I want to write a review about Nexus Property Management after doing business with them for a year and a half. It started when my Dad had a fall. He was on a blood thinner at the time. He had bleeding in his brain. He had surgery at the Brigham and was heading for a long recovery. He has two income properties and I have two houses. I took over his properties and did it for months. It quickly became too much for me with my children playing many sports and my wife and I both working full time. We had a family meeting and decided to find a property management company. My Dad did not want to sell his properties. We found Nexus in Fall River and met with Lyndsey. Lyndsey is the owner of Nexus Property Management. She went over all that Nexus does. We thought they would do a good job for us, so we hired them. She went over the contract and said she would take over the properties immediately. That was good news for us. We had the keys to the apartment house in our car, so Lyndsey could make her own keys. She has her own key making machine. She said she would notify the tenants about the new change in management. Nexus collects the rents electronically and if the tenant can't do that they can mail it in. Then the money is deposited electronically in our account a few days later. This is good because my Dad let his tenants pay when they wanted. I was always running to his houses trying to collect the rents several time per week. Nexus has their own plumbers, electricians and professionals to do the work on the properties. You don't have to use their people if you don't want to. They can do as much as you want them to. We just went through an eviction and Nexus took care of everything. This was a tenant that was there before Nexus took over. They updated /remodeled the apartment and the turn around time was just a couple of weeks.They raised the rent and it is on the market now. My Dad is in assisted living facility now and is doing well. We are very happy to have found Nexus. They have been very helpful and easy to work with. Communication with them is always open and they are ready to help. Nexus has been a savior for my family and we appreciate all that they do every day for us and their other clients. Thank you Nexus.

03 Mar 2019