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The NEX-CESS™ Story of Manny Aniceto.

Nexus' Ultimate Mission:


In the grand scheme of things, Nexus Property Management’s effort to become the Real Estate Investment Authority® is just a step in redefining the expectations of an entire industry.  Currently, people might look at you funny if you invest your money in stocks and mutual funds without the guidance of a qualified financial planner; but when it comes to investing in real estate, going at it alone is still the status quo.  To their detriment, it is rare that Do It Yourself real estate investors seek professional guidance.  Others, wisely hire experienced and expert management teams like Nexus Property Management™.  There is no better example in how hiring a qualified property manager can lead to huge payoffs, both financially and in peace of mind, than the story of East Providence’s Manny Aniceto.


Manny Aniceto NEX-CESS™ Story


Manny's Dedication To Adding Value:


Manny spent 30 successful years as an account executive for a major global consumer product company and is now enjoying a well deserved retirement.  For three decades he perfected his craft in business but with three young grandchildren in the family, it was time to shift his focus. Providing child care was the perfect way to continue to help his adult children and their spouses, but when the grandkids began school Manny had to readdress how he could best add value to his family.  As a successful businessman, he looked toward starting an enterprise that would meet the goals he had for himself and his family. Real estate investment seemed to meet those goals but for a retired man who’d spent much of his professional life travelling, there was one goal that was at the top of the list: FLEXIBILITY!


Why Nexus Property Management™?


Nexus Property Management™ Overview


When Manny set his sights on real estate he felt he’d found something that met his guiding principles and allowed him to make use of the skills he’d sharpened throughout his professional life.  The ultimate mission was to “deliver affordable housing at a very high level” so as to create a “win-win” for all parties involved.  Tenants would benefit from having a great place to live while Manny could build lifelong income for his growing family.  But while Manny had excellent management and communication skills, the more he looked into it, the more he recognized that it came down to two options:  go at it alone and learn the skills I don’t have just yet as I go and put my principles on hold for a while, or find a partner that is an expert in the industry.  


With over 600 units under management in Rhode Island, and additional offices in Massachusetts and Florida, Nexus Property Management™ is that best in-class leader that Manny was looking for.  The Pawtucket, RI office is run by Greg Rice, who is not just the General Manager, but also a real estate investor himself. “Once I decided that managed real estate was the way to go in regards to starting a new company, I began my search; the search ended when I met Greg Rice!”  


With Nexus™ as a partner, Manny’s portfolio is exploding.  He initially got his feet wet in 2016 by purchasing a 6 unit building in Woonsocket using Nexus’ NVest program.  Three years later, he now owns 5 buildings and over 30 units and plans to continue the growth of his business.  “The goal is to purchase three additional properties and 15-20 units in 2019.”  When asked about this rapid growth, Manny stated:


“I needed to have an expert to bring me up to speed for training to be competent in this business.  I am very fortunate that Nexus™ has skilled staff and is expert in their use of technology. They have a willingness to train new investors.  I can crunch numbers but I needed access to inside details and the “nuances” of the business.”


Nexus Property Management™ Nvest® Program


It is no surprise that the working relationship between Manny and Nexus™ has been such a successful one.  Both parties are dedicated to creating great quality and are dedicated to principles that lead to “win-win” outcomes.  Manny has taken this to another level by taking the training Nexus™ provided and performing his own Rent Ready improvements to his properties.  “If I wouldn’t live there, I shouldn’t expect someone else to.”  This pride in his craft is the same pride that Nexus™ takes with all of its properties.  To see someone adopting and expanding upon the principles that Nexus™ is built upon is the sign of a smart investor and a blueprint for others looking to make it big in real estate investment.


Changing Industry Expectations:


As Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s brightest thinkers, put it, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.  Manny Aniceto was a knowledgeable, successful businessman that bucked the D-I-Y trend and used expert advice to become a hugely successful real estate investor.  His dedication to his family and to the flexibility he needed as a retiree was maintained and augmented because he made the intelligent choice of partnering with a professional property manager.  Nexus Property Management™ is extremely proud of Manny and all of his successes. He is the model for all investors and it is our hope that over time there will be many more “Mannys” as Nexus™ works to increase awareness of the benefits of real estate property management in this country.  



Mick Lefort is the Vice President of Operations for Nexus Property Management™. A National Property Management Franchise that manages all types of rental property from single family homes or condos to large apartment buildings and complexes.


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I reported a major issue in my apartment on 8/31, and the very next day a technician came to my unit (on Acushnet Ave in New Bedford) to repair the issue. (I honestly don't recall the technician's name, I wish I could, last 4 digits of his number were 7726) The technician was kind and very professional and fixed the problem within a couple of hours. Nexus in general is always extremely responsive to my tenant needs and the realtor who arranged my lease was helpful and kind. All in all a great company and I love renting from them, I sincerely hope to continue to do so when it becomes time to move into a bigger unit.

11 Sep 2020

We started renting a Nexus managed property back in August, due to unforseen circumstances we had to vacate our lease and as noted in the lease, were obligated to fulfill our rental payments until they were able to fill the apartment. We had given our 30 days on the 25th of May and by May 28th the apartment had been filled! This meant that we no longer had to struggle for a month to cover 2 rents. The speedy work of Greg and everyone at Nexus Leasing is remarkable and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an apartment. Thanks again guys!

28 May 2014

Great people , great company. I highly recommend renting with Nexus!

03 Dec 2018