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There Are 3 Types Of Rental Property Owners - Which One Are You?


After being in the property management business for many years, across many states, dealing with all kinds of properties we have discovered that there are 3 types of property owners out there. The goal of this article is to help you see where you fit on the spectrum, and what the pros and cons are to each different style. Please keep in mind that these are only our opinions based on experience, there may be another type of property owner that we haven’t met yet! =)


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The Penny Pincher.


So, the 1st type of property owner is what we like to call the “penny pincher” or the “nickel nabber”. These folks are cheap and tight; about everything! Now, the overall benefit of being this way is that you reduce the amount of out of pocket expenses; which is the goal of owning rental property. However, there are a slew of cons related to this behavior. First is that when you elect not to fix things or make improvements for your tenants their tenancy ends up being shorter and more hostile compared to an owner who takes care of things as they arise.


For example, we had a property owner who bought a house that was in severe disrepair, but it was rented. The rent was extremely low; just $425/month! The tenants of the house agreed to the squalor-like conditions, however the owner then decided to double the rent without fixing anything! The tenants then rebelled and submitted dozens of complaints to the city’s housing violation department. Safe to say, the owner of this house was inundated with mandatory violations to repair. Still, the property owner chose to fix just a few of the items such as the hole in the roof, and broken foundation. The tenant ended up withholding rent and dragged out 4 month’s worth of occupying the property during the eviction. They ended up leaving the place a mess, and not paying a dime more in rent. The owner then came to the realization that her attitude and behavior was extremely counterproductive, and not sustainable. After over $20,000 in repairs, thousands in lost rent, and a year’s time she finally learned her lesson!


Another important item to note on this type of owner is the management company perspective. When you are constantly haggling, negotiating, arguing, and combative about requests it puts the employees of the company on edge and not willing to help you more than they must. Look at it this way, you are hundreds or thousands of miles away, and then you have boots on the ground at your property. Wouldn’t you want those workers to have the most positive impression of you as possible? THEY ARE TAKING CARE OF YOUR ASSET! However, when you constantly make their life difficult, they won’t be motivated to make yours easier. The most important (and easiest) thing you can do in business is be respectful and understanding. The more resistance you put up the harder your life will be. It’s a guarantee!


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The Active Owner. 


The 2nd type of property owner is where I personally tend to fall. We call this the “active owner”. What we see is that this owner wants to enjoy the benefits of our rent collection, accounting, maintenance facilitation, live emergency hotline, and more, but prefer to take care of maintenance and/or leasing on their own. Myself, I prefer to handle all the turnovers in order to save costs. Turnovers can run in the thousands, which eats away at my bottom line. So, I choose to use all of Nexus’ other services but jump in to take care of turnovers as they occur. In my opinion owners that have the capability to do this should. You save a great deal of money and learn more about your property and the condition tenants expect. If you are a spreadsheet owner (someone who never steps foot inside) you don’t have a baseline of the property and/or what tenants are dealing with.


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The Hands Off Owner.


The 3rd type is what we call the “go ahead owner”. This owner is by far the rarest, but an interesting one at that. What this type of owner does is approve each and everything that comes across to them. Whether it’s a maintenance request, suggested upgrade, request from the city to inspect for tax purposes, tenant applications, etc. They just say “yes” to everything. Now, this does have benefits because for instance when a tenant needs something fixed there will be no issue with getting it taken care of. However, the downside to this approach is that eventually you will get taken advantage of by the tenant, the property manager, and more. For example, if you have a property manager who is untruthful, they could easily say “Mr. Owner your basement foundation has a leak you need to have it dug up and re-built, and we can do that for you.” The untruthful property manager will look for work, and you better believe they will be making a hefty profit.


So, in sum it is suggested that you take characteristics of all 3 types of property owners and gel them together to make the most give + take style approach. Sometimes you need to pinch pennies, sometimes you need to get your hands dirty, and sometimes you just have to say “yes, go ahead.” It’s the nature of the business. Learn how to walk the fine line of property ownership and you will have a successful career, but steer too far in either direction and you will fail!


We would love to hear your feedback on this topic! Post a comment below so we can start a discussion!



Gregory Rice is the Vice President of franchise sales for Nexus Property Management™.  

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Let me tell you about Nexus Property Management. They have three key characteristics that define this company; organized, prompt, and caring.This companies organization is always amazing to me!! They will always keep innovating there system of which they work to ensure that it is a clean and effective transaction with their customers. This, of course, relates to both sides of the spectrum, both landlords and tenants! The use of the online portal is a fantastic method to keep all conversations and work orders in an organized manner. The word MANAGEMENT in this companies name is met to great success! This also leads to the second point, the promptness of the company. Nexus ensures a very immediate response to... well basically everything!! When it comes to repairs or turnovers to your property, they will have no hesitation to respond to that problem within HOURS of receiving! That is especially important for property management, seeing as the landlord is spending money everyday on that property, housed or not. The return value set forth by Nexus and their quick delivery of service is not to be outdone! This swiftness can also be applied towards the leasing team as well! This team sets forth quick and effective marketing efforts to enhance customer satisfaction! Your rental property will see itself out there within 24-48hrs of being Rent Ready! Immediately following this is nonstop efforts by the leasing department to find the best prospect possible for the estate. So this wraps up the promptness of the company, but how much do they care??They care with great value!!! This aspect of Nexus is shown throughout every facet! The work done by the maintenance team, the marketing and housing performed by the leasing department, and the management of the company as a whole! Nexus sets very high standards for itself and will never perform any less. The customer to Nexus is ALWAYS the most important part of the company. They care about the tenant, the landlord, and anything in between. They understand the value and importance of being a property management company and proceed with their work with extreme caution and respect!Nexus is a young and fruitful property management establishment that has exercised incredible methods of course! They have a clear understanding of the property management business and are a great example of how these companies should perform. I have only recently worked for Nexus for just a handful of months and can say that this company will make great strides to ensure great service all around! I highly recommend Nexus Property Management to anyone who owns rental property!!!!!!

19 Sep 2019

My experience went very well from start to finish they were professional and very responsive... I'm very happy to be moving into my new place this week

29 Apr 2021

Mikalai is the gentleman who helped apply for my current apartment. He was very informative and professional. If you need anything, he always there to help you out. I am really happy that I got the opportunity to rent out my first apartment. Thank you!

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