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Start Your Own Business Without Being On Your Own With A Franchise. 


Starting a business is the most rewarding thing I have done and I don’t mean financially. I am talking about the purpose, challenges, accomplishments, teamwork, and satisfaction that is gained throughout the process.  These are the amazing rewards that I would argue are much more important than money and material things.  Most people would like to be their own boss, make their own hours and take control of their destiny by working for themselves and leaving the rat race routine of trading time for a paycheck behind.  The problem is starting a business is extremely risky.  There is a large wager required of time and money without a safety net.


The skills needed to actually run a business are vastly different than simply performing the service or producing the product that business if created for.  Many talented people fail when trying to start a business and often it has nothing to do with the product or service that they provide.  Usually it is caused by deficiencies in other unrelated areas that have to do with running a business in general. Things like the business’s website, social media, marketing, accounting, legal structure, vendor relations, risk management and conflict avoidance etc.  These are some of the areas you will receive invaluable advice and guidance when purchasing an established franchise.


Brand Presence, Website, Social Media, Reputation & Marketing.


                Property management is not a new business. It is not glamorous. Property managers do not have stalkers, groupies or rabid fan followings.  No one told their parents they wanted to grow up and be a property manager, lol.  What does this mean? Opportunity!  I would equate it to selling acting classes to the masses of aspiring actors and actresses in Hollywood or selling shovels during the gold rush.  A large demand exists with limited competition.  Because there are not aspiring property managers filling up college classes and looking to rush into overseeing toilet repairs and evictions, most of the competition are long standing lifestyle companies that support the owners and are not actively adapting or looking for growth.  Many of these companies have dated software and systems, have ceased marketing, and have little if any online presence.  This is an area where Nexus Property Management® strives and where our franchisees receive great value.  Times have changed and no longer is your customer a phone call away and your business named “AAA Property Management” in order to be on top of the property management section of the yellow pages.  Today trying to be first in an alphabetical list of companies does not fool the algorithms of the modern yellow pages, Google.  Google is now the digital yellow pages for every thought, question, business listing, idea, problem, and topic on anyone’s mind.


Technology advances have caused a need for all businesses that want to strive or in many cases even survive, become proficient with website creation and maintenance, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, contact resource management systems (CRMs), pay per click (PPC) advertising and reputation or review tracking. Each aspect is a complicated field and most small business owners lack the time or available bandwidth to divert resources from current operations to invest in these areas.  The best franchise systems have all of these areas covered so that franchisees can focus on serving the local customer while the Franchisor is working to improve all the other aspects of the Brand so all stakeholders and those within the system will benefit.


Nexus™ continuously works to improve our sites rank and authority across a wide variety of internet assets. Getting noticed by potential clients is usually the first issue a new business faces and these skills are almost always different than those needed to produce the product or provide the service the business is built upon.  Franchisees of Nexus Property Management® enjoy the benefit of our brand presence, technology, lead generating systems, and interconnected websites to build traffic with customers in their protected territory. 





Pitfalls of new business, best practices, strategies, Insurance, and ongoing support.


                Having a good product or service is one difficult thing to create and maintain but managing an organization to deliver that product or service is a completely different host of challenging items. Businesses face risks every day, from lawsuits, IRS audits, citations, fines to licensing requirements, employment disputes, upset clients, collections etc.  Guidance and advice in these areas involves multiple professions, lawyers, accountants, government agencies and more.  As a new business owner resources are often scarce and paying consultants, attorneys or experts for advice is rarely in the budget for a startup. 


One tough part of starting a business and being the boss is that when there is a problem YOU have to deal with it. You are the last line of defense; the final decision maker and you MUST have the solution for every situation or the company and all stake holders involved are at risk.  This is not the case with a quality franchise system as franchisees have access to training materials, other franchisees, consultants, and corporate staff for all the advice, suggestions, answers and contacts needed. This is where franchisees receive a great value when purchasing a Nexus Property Management® franchise.  Nexus™ Franchisees receive training on best practices, policies, and risk management from experts in the field providing a huge advantage with a much higher chance of success than those who attempt to develop or learn those items while starting a new company.



Nick D'Agnillo is the CEO & Founder of Nexus Property Management®. A National Propert3% Appreciation on $200,000 Property Graph image widgety Management Franchise that manages all types of rental property from single family homes or condos to large apartment buildings and complexes.


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Nexus Feedback

Recently the apartment house I've been living in for almost 4 years got sold & is now under nexus property management. I've had such a great experience thus far & I can thank Greg for that ! He is very professional & has been able to help me with any questions I've had. They are always one call or text away. Thank you Nexus for your more than enjoyable experience so far !

03 Jul 2016

I live in New York State and hired Nexus to help manage my RI property a few years back. They have provided excellent, prompt, and professional service for me, and have been a true life-saver. I have worked with Nexus through the various phases of property management: from rent collecting and maintenance to qualifying and placing new tenants. We have used Nexus's maintenance crew, snow removal, and the Rent Ready renovations team. All individuals in the organization are professionals, open, honest, and extremely helpful. Finally, their rates are reasonable and there are no hidden charges. Nick runs the company with pride and professionalism, and his personal dedication to good service is evident. Greg is a pleasure to deal with and provides quick feedback, plus the work crew under Ken and Dan provide a valuable service with fast access! They are a super team!

08 Dec 2015

Greg is the best! Creating the "Rhode Island Business Spotlight" is such an awesome idea and helps RI small business greatly! It was so great to sit down with him and share what I pour my heart and soul into everyday. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.

31 Aug 2022