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9 Out Of 10 Nexus Team Members Are No Longer With Us.

Did You Know 90% Of Nexus Workers Either Were Fired Or Quit, Here's Why. 


Want to hear an interesting fact about Nexus? 90% of the people that have ever worked for us have either quit or been fired. Wow, right? That must mean we are one of the worst companies on earth. Well, it’s quite the opposite. What we have learned in this business is that you must fire early and often. I will elaborate more on this further down in the article, but the picture I want to paint here from the beginning is that property management is a comprehensive task, but no one tells you how hard PEOPLE MANAGEMENT can be! Let’s gossip!


Nexus Property Management Overview


Nexus Is Founded. 

Back in our beginning days in mid-2013 we were the new kid on the block in a very small group of existing management companies. We were able to squeeze our way in and grab about 100 units quickly (within the first 6 months). During this growth our now CEO (Nick D’Agnillo) was managing work orders. Can you imagine that! Nick hired a Maintenance Director to handle the influx of repairs + turnovers, and myself as the Leasing Director. There were now 3 of us. Then, the Maintenance Director had to hire 3 technicians because he himself was getting overwhelmed with the workload. This expanded Nexus to 6 people. Even though it’s a handful of folks we came to learn that each person’s personality was 100% different from the next. Frequently, we would have disagreements about policy issues, difference of opinions on how to fix repairs, and even complexes of authority/seniority from the older team members.

These social issues quickly developed as we added more team members. We found that in our field of work the threshold of entry is relatively low. For example, to say you are a handyman you simply need dirty clothes, a pack of cigarettes, and a rusty truck. Boom, you’re hired! With that said, this attracted a great deal of undesirable workers. People stole from us, stole from our customers, lied, slept in, didn’t respond to their messages, refused work, fought, and even went to prison. All the while, we had to continue building our portfolio, establishing policies, and weeding out the bad eggs!



The most common reason that we would fire somebody was for stealing. It varied from stealing time, to materials, vehicles, and even company cards + cash. You name it, it has been stolen from us. So, if we refer to my initial statement you may start to agree with me at this point. An employee who is dishonest and not loyal can quickly bring down any business, let alone a startup, small business that Nexus was! We could not afford to give people months and months of chances and time to rebuild their credibility. In our eyes once you cross Nexus we let you off the train and it will NEVER turn around for you. In addition, as a customer, you want a company that is operating with the best team members available. If you are dealing with a company that has internal drama, you (and your tenants) will likely succumb to those inefficiencies sooner than later!

You would think that once we fired individuals for these types of offenses we would be supported and re-affirmed by the State if the employee submitted an unemployment insurance claim. Another fun fact about Nexus is that we have NEVER won a claim against unemployment; EVER! Every employee that has stolen from us and our customers not only kept the benefits of what they took unjustly, but also were entitled to proceeds from the government while they were “searching” for a new job.


Nexus Succeeds In Face Of Adversity.

As a small business the odds are stacked against you in many ways. Not only are you competing against like-kind businesses, but you are also competing to get the best qualities out of your team members. At this stage of the game Nexus is now a nationwide franchise, and is the single largest residential property management company in Southern New England. We have persevered through many fires, and there are a great deal of people on the sidelines throwing tomatoes at us, but as the train drives by them that was their only opportunity to do so. They are no longer a proud member of a future dynasty, and a household name in property management. Our competitors will not admit to stories like this. The fact is they, among all businesses out there, will experience internal issues such as this. It is not about what happens however, it is how the company is able to rebuild, rebound, and return. Nexus has been tested on many levels, and no one has (or ever will) be able to slow our momentum. That is a guarantee!

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Gregory Rice is the Vice President of franchise sales for Nexus Property Management™.  

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