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Rental Property Checkup

Rental Property Checkup

Did you know that 3 out of 4 landlords have their rental units below market value? Lets look at a simple example Nexus™ recently came across with a 3-family property in Rhode Island. The property has three 2 bedroom apartments on each floor. In this current market, those units easily rent for $900. The landlord had them rented for just $700! This means there was a loss of $600 a month, or $7200 a year! That's about 4 mortgage payments! As soon as the landlord signed up for Nexus' management service we immediately noticed this deficiency and corrected it.

The landlord is now getting that extra cash each month! Contact Nexus™ today so you can get your FREE rental property checkup. We are the top rated residential property manager in New England, and have the data at our fingertips waiting to assist you!

Nexus Feedback

Nexus Property Management has been great to work with, especially as I am renting my house in RI while living in CO.

27 Nov 2018

John was great and helped fixed my tub!!

25 Aug 2020

12 Jul 2018

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