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Nexus Property Management® Natick MA Reviews


Many businesses have a page dedicated to testimonials and reviews but it is often impossible to verify the source or to truly know if customers actually wrote them. Here at Nexus Property Management® we strive to provide an exceptional service and a great value for our clients. While we do receive positive testimonials, comments, and letters from our owners and tenants on a regular basis, we choose not to cut and paste them on a page and expect prospective clients to assume they are authentic. Instead we have provided easy access to what our clients and customers are saying on the top review websites across the web with the links below as well as an automated feed from those review sites. We are proud to display our reviews along with the links below and we look forward to hearing from you!


Nexus Feedback

Above & beyond customer service by Tom C.

24 Jun 2022

This is the best property management I have ever seen. I highly recommend David.

07 Jun 2022

Dave did a great job fixing my toilet. Very polite!

07 Jun 2022

Tommy & Tommy took spectacular care of me! Greg delegated with confidence during! This. Is. Worth. It!

07 Jun 2022

Nexus did a great job with my repair. James was on time and did an amazing job! Highly recommend this maintenance guy!

07 Jun 2022

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