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Nexus™ Rent Ready – Rental Property Turnover Service


  • Video walkthrough
    • We perform a video tour of the property as soon it’s vacant outlining what items must be completed in order to satisfy minimum renting condition standards.
    • This video along with the Leasing video walkthroughs provide complete timeline and documentation of the before and after condition of each tenancy, and can also be used as evidence in the event of security deposit dispute.
    • Make note of all items that need to be addressed and quoted prior to transferring the unit to our Leasing department.
    • Share the video with the property owner with a line by line quote for approval.
  • Comprehensive quote with industry average data
    • Along with the video of each item we send a complete Rent Ready quote for Nexus™ to address all the is required to bring the property to Rent Ready condition and get it listed with our Leasing dept.
    • Industry average prices included for all listed tasks for comparison.
    • Owner can approve or deny the quote. If quote is denied you have a perfectly outlined task list of what you or your vendor has to do it before Nexus™ can rent it!
  • Dedicated Department
    • Nexus™ has dedicated Rent Ready specialists on staff to increase efficiency, maintain quality, and ensure availability.

Nexus Feedback

I had a problem keep happening with my kitchen sink leaking every few months. They sent someone named Christian Davenport and he changed stuff and now its been working fine since. Nice guy and works hard and is respectful.

08 Oct 2020

Christian did a great job painting the walls and cleaned up after himself and very polite.

08 Oct 2020

john came out did a great job was very helpful and very kind

25 Aug 2020

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