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Why You are the Best Prospect for Rental Property Investment


Nexus Property Management® has spent nearly a decade solidifying itself as The Property Management Authority® across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Southern New England.  Unfortunately, with that success has also come the misperception that because we’re the biggest residential property manager in the area we only work with large investors.  This is not true.  The reality is that our most common client has 3 apartment building!  Since that is the most common property in the rental investment world, that’s where we butter our bread.  When Nexus develops best practices around leasing, maintenance, and general management of residential properties, it is the most typical 3 unit property owner that we start with.


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Although we manage over 1000 units in New England, very few of our clients have a lot of properties.  Check out Mick’s Nex-cess story to learn about how happy he is to have just one 4 unit property under Nexus management.  The vast majority of our clients have professional lives away from the world of real estate and hiring a property manager is a simple and cost effective way to reduce stress while bringing in passive income to supplement people’s paychecks. 







The fact that Nexus Property Management® has four offices in New England should be attractive to people looking to get into real estate investment, not intimidating.  Being so large, while being independently owned and operated by local business people,  allows us to provide consistent best practices to each and every community we serve.  Our size and success has enabled us to create systems that are scalable and ensure that whether you have 1 unit or 100 units under management, you still get the same great service.  This is also what allows us to be so flexible.  As Vice President Greg Rice puts it, “If it has a tenant, we will manage it”.


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The reason behind writing this piece was to remind our readers that we still operate under the same business model that’s brought us so much success from day one.  You don’t have to be a big-time investor to be a client, in fact, most people are not.  Just like we aim to improve the lives of tenants throughout the communities we manage in, we aim to provide a service to regular professionals (like you) so you too can take advantage of the great potential that real estate investment offers.  While some companies might work with just bigger clients, it’s important to us to cater to both big and small, because all of our larger investors were small investors in the beginning.


Nexus Property Management Franchise Founding Office Start Up


Like most of our clients, Nexus started off very modestly, before growing to four offices across Southern New England


A principle that weaves through all that we do is to “focus on the long term” and it applies here once again.  You might have just one property now, or might just be looking for your first, but with Nexus, there’s a good chance it won’t be your last.  Perhaps you’d prefer to stick to one property, and if you have experience as a D-I-Y property owner, that would make perfect sense.  But after experiencing professional property management with Nexus you’ll likely see the very real promise that expanding your portfolio can bring, with no added effort on your part.


A couple years ago, Jesse Mayo came to us looking for his first apartment.  In just three years he went from knowing nothing about rental property to owning multiple properties, including a 5 unit that brought back 40% return on investment.  He went from simply looking for a second source of income to help pay for his kids’ college to becoming a full-fledged property investor, to opening a Nexus franchise in Worcester, Massachusetts.



Like Jesse, Manny Aniceto began with just one building in 2016.  Three years later he was up to 5 buildings and over 30 units, becoming our largest investor in under two years.  Manny came to Nexus looking to invest and we’ve helped him along that journey.  No matter what your ambitions or endgame, our team is here for you regardless of how many units you currently have, or plan to have down the road.


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If you can identify with Mick, Manny, or Jesse’s stories be sure to contact NexusThe reality is that you very likely could be the best prospect for rental property investment.  Our vision is one where everyday professionals are just as likely to own rental property as they are to contribute to a 401K.  By inviting you to join so many of our already successful clients, your financial success brings us one step closer to that ultimate goal.




 Mick Lefort is the Vice President of Operations for Nexus Property Management®. A National Property Management Franchise that manages all types of rental property from single family homes or condos to large apartment buildings and complexes.


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Nexus Feedback

As a leasing manager, Mikalai was quite effective in helping us prepare the home for rent and was able to find qualified tenants in less than a month. Nexus has done a great job in taking care of tenants and has quickly addressed their questions and concerns, while keeping us informed. Mikalai and Greg have been very professional through the process and adamant in taking care of our property.

12 May 2020

05 May 2022

I was looking into leasing property 279 Ware St, Mansfield MA. It seems like a beautiful property from the photos and videos. When inquiring about the property, I was contacted immediately by Mikalai. He asked all the typical questions for rental properties but he seemed too direct/aggressive through text so I requested a phone call to see if the tone would change. I did ask if the owner was interested in a rent to own contract, but he stated that it was too premature to discuss that. I understood what he was saying but when I asked if we could make sure we talk with the owner, our conversation got aggressive. I’m not sure how this management company works, but I’ve always spoken directly with the owners for long term leases to make sure we understand expectations from both parties. I was completely turned off by my interaction with Mikalai and it’s a shame because we were very excited about this possible rental.

24 Feb 2021
Response from the owner:

Hello Ariel, and thank you for your honest feedback. As I mentioned during our conversation, the right candidates will absolutely be able to talk to the owner directly but only after completing certain steps in an application process. Thank you