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Nexus Property Management™ has proudly been serving the Bay State since 2013.  With offices in Fall River, Worcester, Natick, and just over the border in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Nexus offers unrivaled maintenance, leasing, and management services to over one million Massachusetts residents. We are a rapidly growing company that relies on (and creates our own) technology to bring property management fully into the 21st century.  By building and doing more ourselves we defer excess costs that can be better spent on improving and expanding your investment portfolio.  As a blossoming nationwide franchise, we have framed all of our best practices, policies, and protocols around scalable principles to foster consistent value from office to office.  As the Real Estate Investment Authority®️, our franchise model is based on responsible and calculated growth built upon advising real estate investors in achieving those same outcomes.




Unlike most property managers out there who offer substitution style services; simply standing in for property owners or delegating maintenance to third parties, we’re dedicated to adding value to your assets in the interest of long term financial goals and extended tenancy.  We provide leasing services such as video advertising, tenant placement, lease creation, along with rent collection and several unique guarantees to stand by the confidence we have in our people and process.  Our in-house maintenance teams are ready and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  By building our teams from within, we create efficiency, consistency, and ultimately savings for our clients as we come in well-below industry averages each and every time.  Our management services rely on and utilize the latest technology to add efficiency and ease to communication, online payment, marketing, and consistently prompt service.  Across Massachusetts, Nexus Property Management is dedicated to connecting property owners and tenants alike to better living.


With the goal of providing the best for our clients and expanding throughout the region, we have tirelessly drilled down and analyzed procedures and policies that yield the best possible results most often.  We are a process-driven company that sees every obstacle as a challenge in need of a solution.  We believe in modeling and treating all members of our teams as equals by creating win-win solutions where incentives for all parties are aligned.  In this, our immediate goal was to perfect our product in the hopes that we could then sell our ideas and the opportunities that exist in property management to potential franchisees...but it didn’t quite work out that way.  Instead of recruiting around New England and finding potential business people to convince them that Nexus was the right move for them, we found that it was our satisfied clients that jumped at the opportunity as soon as it presented itself.  Current ownership in both Worcester and Natick were originally clients who were so happy with the profits they were making in the Nexus system as property owners that they wanted to join the team at the highest of levels.  So when you speak to Nexus store owners and general managers about real estate investment opportunities, you know you’re in the best hands possible with people who have played the game and won.




In 2017, Nexus opened its first Massachusetts office in the heart of downtown Fall River at 251 South Main Street.  Locally owned and operated by the Pachon family, the Nexus team under Lyndsey and Jose has helped revitalize “Spindle City” and nearby New Bedford, two major urban areas in Southeastern Massachusetts.  Taunton, Swansea, Somerset, and other smaller towns within a 30-minute radius have also benefited from Nexus’ dedication and efficiency over the last three years.  Conveniently located between Boston and Providence, this area is attractive to New England investors and Nexus has wasted no time in cornering the market.  

Nexus Property Management™ - Fall River MA

Property management company in Fall River, Massachusetts




On August 1, 2020, Jesse Mayo opened the doors of the second Massachusetts Nexus franchise.  Worcester, with its 185,000 residents, is the second-largest city in New England and the perfect location for an elite property manager.  Worcester, like Pawtucket further down the Blackstone River, has spent considerable time and money on reestablishing itself as an attraction and hub for investment.  Built around industrial infrastructure from yesteryear, Worcester and surrounding areas like Shrewsbury, Holden, and Auburn are ripe for residential and commercial investment.  By creating and perfecting best practices in a similar area in Rhode Island, Nexus has a leg up on the competition when it comes to maximizing profits in old mill cities and their surrounding towns.  Visit us at 16 Austin Street.

Nexus Property Management™ - Worcester MA

Property management company in Worcester, Massachusetts




As Nexus continued to grow and dominate its service areas it only made sense to move closer and closer to Boston.  Our MetroWest office, which opened in the fall of 2020, is located in Natick, just 17 miles west of the capital city.  With over 500,000 residents within a 30-minute radius, Nexus Natick is poised to flood the property management scene with top of the line services.  Newton, Waltham, and Framingham are just a couple of the nearby population centers that Krystyna McQueeney are building their client base around.  We’re located right on Route 27 at 30 North Main Street, between Routes 9 and 135.

Nexus Property Management™ - Natick MA

Property management company in Natick, Massachusetts


Nvest CLC




What ties all Nexus Property Management™ branches together is our dedication to the same values, principles, and aligned policies.  But more literally, Nexus’ NVEST®️ buyers’ agency program allows all clients to benefit from the company’s growth.  This unique program, which includes property analysis, profit forecasting, and realty services, allows a client in Natick to invest in hand-picked properties in New Bedford, Grafton, or North Attleboro. As we grow, so too do your opportunities as a client.  


As stated previously, our goal is not just to collect the rent and act as a substitute like most property management companies, but instead, we pride ourselves on our ability to add value to owners’ assets.  This leads to longer tenant tenures and ultimately more profit and fewer headaches for our clients.  Contact your local office for more information and take note of our transparency and stellar reputation throughout the state.  There is a reason that Nexus is the top-rated property manager in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.