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Nexus Property Management® Idaho Reviews


Many businesses have a page dedicated to testimonials and reviews but it is often impossible to verify the source or to truly know if customers actually wrote them. Here at Nexus Property Management®, we strive to provide exceptional service and a great value for our clients. While we do receive positive testimonials, comments, and letters from our owners and tenants on a regular basis, we choose not to cut and paste them on a page and expect prospective clients to assume they are authentic. Instead, we have provided easy access to what our clients and customers are saying on the top review websites across the web. We encourage you to view the links below and we look forward to hearing from you!







Nexus Feedback

17 Sep 2021

Incredibly helpful and professional, I highly recommend in the future

03 Sep 2021

Working with Nexus was an absolute pleasure-start to finish. They impressed me with first and foremost the level of service, their easy to use and efficient systems in place also helped me with this sale transaction. Will look forward to working with Greg and his crew again for sure. Thx Nexus!-Don Martone, Managing Partner/Broker Associate, Century 21 North East

29 Aug 2021

Nexus has been reliable as they offer 24hr emergency services. They can handle all of the tasks that they advertise for. Although preparing an apartment and non-emergency maintenance job prices seem to be a bit high, they are optional. I would recommend them for handling evictions, emergency services, rent collection, and sending out notices.

04 Aug 2021

I am a new landlord without a lot of experience managing my three-family house. I hired Nexus Property Management because they could take care of my property just the way I would want...everything from getting new apartments in tip top condition and ready for advertising, to finding applicants, doing complete background and credit checks on them, and helping me by recommending the best prospect to take on as a new tenant, completing all the lease signing, collect rents and security deposits, and if that weren't enough...once the tenants are in place they deal with any issues and phone calls from tenants, and then just forward all the collected rents directly into my personal checking account each month. All communication is done online through their owner portal and couldn't be easier. It frees up so much personal time for me. I couldn't be happier with their level of service and professionalism. A special shout out to Jacob, their leasing agent who found me the best tenants, Ken, who coordinated all the work to get my apartment ready for rent in no time at all, and of course Greg Rice who manages a great crew of people who make managing property seem so effortless. I couldn't be happier!

30 Jul 2021

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