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Many websites claim to offer free lease documents and then attempt to sell landlords something or charge them for the final product. Nexus Property Management® has created this lease generator as a 100% free tool for all real estate investors, property owners and landlords. This lease generator uses the standard lease format utilized by Nexus Property Management® franchise offices. We have streamlined the lease creation process into a simple two step form entry and edit page. Be sure to check your local laws or consult with an attorney if you have further questions on the language provided in the basic document. You will have the opportunity to edit all sections after the initial form is completed.

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Have you Distributed Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form?
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Nexus Feedback

31 Aug 2020

Ken Bradley was a great help. Very professional. You need more people like him in your company. Thank you nexus for making this experience wonderful.

27 Oct 2021

I had an emergency situation at my house on a Sunday. The lock broke on my door and I was trapped inside, panicked. I reached out to the maintenance team and let them know it was urgent and someone was at my house within five minutes!! Not only did he replace the broken lock, but he also fixed the deadbolt as well!!! Greg the manager here is excellent to work with! I recommend this company!

29 Dec 2021